We the signers of this petition request

to enter Vrindavan or even better Brajmandal into the list of the World Heritage Sites.

I have read the letter to all the interested people, and I fully agree and I request to the authorities of the administration - the head of state of Uttar Pradesh, the Prime Minister and the government of India, as well as the honorable president of India to do everything what is possible so that this holy place will be preserved, protected and developed. According to the heritage it presents and according to the need of the resident people called the Vrajbasis and in additional consideration of the many visitors which come on pilgrimage from all over India and even from all over the world for their purification, it is necessary to be preserved, protected and developed.

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raamkumar, chennai

Paul Dossick, Aptos, California
Vrindaban represents the abode of God on the planet Earth. It is vital that the Indian Government respect and preserve the integrity of this town and surrounding areas for the posterity of India and the benefit of all the people of this world, present and in the future.

Akash Pandya, Mumbai
A place so divine where God Krishna the almighty was born has to be a world heritage site for all to bow down

xxxxxxxx, London,U.K.
This holy place is Lord Krishna's LEGACY and MUST BE preserved and fully protected all the time for posterity .

Vimla ramsumair, San fernando

Tadas Jasaitis, London

Angela Sirnik,

Vishal. j.jain, Surat.
Good idea.

Rodrigo Avendaño, Santiago - Chile

Robert Butler, Berkeley

xxxxxxxx, Watford

Ana Belén, Montevideo, Uruguay
Jay Krishna, Jay Radhe, Jay Vrindavan!!!!!

Uday, Delhi

Hare Krishna Hare Ram

xxxxxxxx, Lund

Karina Peneff, ystad

xxxxxxxx, Murwillumbah Australia
Please protect all the holy sites

sanjay malhotra, New Delhi

Jagdish Prabhu, Mumbai
Hare Krsna, Plz I humbly request To PM Mr. Narendra Modiji "As you are now PM and your One candidate Hema malini As woned from Vrindavan mathura seat With High no. of vote, i knw Hema Mataji that she is great devotee very pious like you.So Plz now As you did in Varnasi plz do Developmentnot in the sense if Building sky scrapers And Factories and all but develop in that sense that The MlNatural Beauty of Vrindavan should be maintained and Mother Yamuna Sgould become cleanWith fresh water as sge was in Past At time of Lord krsna.In all plz Make Vrindavan again as it was At time of Lord Sri Krsna.The aurangazehebh Destroyed it but Mpdiji as you are Bharat matas putra plz retain her glory back for that now first step is You should Do Punarjirondhar of All Ancient and Sacred and holy place river and ban cow slaughtering.
ai m no one to say you all this but plz as a I m also Bharat mata son i want India to become Bharat againand to all people modiji govt will surely do all but we to have to support by not throwing Garbage Erc etc kerping clean environment clean environment shows clean mind.. Hare Krsna.

xxxxxxxx, Tucson, Arizona, U.S.A.

Al Soberanes, http://www.youtubetest.com

R Renganathan, singapore

Sivam Ramalingam, Ashton, Maryland, US

xxxxxxxx, Chennai

xxxxxxxx, London

prabhat, dewas
Its about my love

Nitin, Boston, USA

Veselin Hadzhiev, Shumen
Radhe Radhe Radhe
Jai Jai Jai Sri Radhe-e-e-e-e-e-e-e-e-e-e-e-y !

xxxxxxxx, Vadodara

Ricardo Ramnath,

Ankit Bhuptani, Mumbai

Archit, Vadodara
I humbly request to take my name and do the proceedings

Jason Anthony Rapp, brisbane
This would please all

Ankita Panwar, Faridabad

Atulya Devi Dasi, Melbourne

Sanjay Dabas, Gurgaon

xxxxxxxx, US
Please fix the sewer system, roads need to be widened and cows should not wander hungry. Children should go to school, not selling grass for the cows to earn living.

xxxxxxxx, Loughborough

xxxxxxxx, Houston

Narayana Das, Istanbul

Irina Rubinstein, Moscow

Melinda Torok, Subotica, Serbia
Vrindavan needs to be protected and that should include restoration and protection of the original forests, nature, and clean river Yamuna, as well as establishing an effective sanitation department to keep Vrindavan and Vraja area clean. All those old and beautiful temples need to be restored, cleaned and protected. It is heartbreaking to see how it is all deteriorating due to neglect and corruption. There is a myriad of significant cultural, historic places, and monuments of art and ancient temples. What to speak of its spiritual importance as one of the most powerful (if not THE most powerful) spiritual places on Earth. This place definitely deserves to be regarded as one of the World Heritage Sites. It is urgent to do something to preserve it for future generations before it gets destroyed. Vrindavan is not important, valuable only for India, but the whole world. Thank you.

Sundar, Chennai
It's our holy place.. Please we all beg you to put Vrindavan in the world heritage site.. Lord Krishna 's abode.. we must clean and protect it at any cost..

xxxxxxxx, milan

xxxxxxxx, Rio de Janeiro

Nitasha gulati, Bareilly(uttar pradesh)
I wud req al d higher authorities to please make it sure to include the transcedental abode of lord sri krishna Sridham vrindavan into the list of world heritage sites...

lauren sinclair, surfers paradise

Anand Kothari, Mumbai

Eva Pinter, Borehamwood
I would like if the younger generation and their children in the future get a spiritual benefit to visit this beautiful holy place.

Szonja Foldvari, Budapest
Hare Krishna:)

sunil gautam, vrindavan
Yes vrindavan dham should be in heritage place. We seen so much change in vrindvan after having 20 generation

Mansi Arora, Bareilly
Haribol! This city is magical. Needs development and protection.

Ben Maes, Grez-Doiceau

xxxxxxxx, Patna

xxxxxxxx, Austin
Hari bol!

RadhaMohan Rajani, Vrindavan
I want to see and make a difference to the place I was born and brought up in.

Richard Playell, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Jessica, Vrindavan

chintamoni, San Diego

Vijay Radhika, Vrindavan

Jayaprakash, Chennai
Vrindavan dham ki jaya!!!

Marília Bassetto Coelho, São Paulo

prem kumari dd, sao paulo

Gundars Graudins, Riga

xxxxxxxx, Budapest


Shyam Wazir, Vancouver
Protect Vrindavan Dham please. It is one of the world's most holiest heritage site's.

Namaste _/\_

jagoruk mondal, durgapur

om prakash gupta, delhi
leela sthalis of their lordship Radha and Krishna are most sacred place on earth. they must be regarded as world heritage site.

Mr NIZIO Michel, Crans-Montana
Vrindaban is the best place to live and to die on this planet before going back home back to Godhead .

Nitya-lila devi dasi, Kingscliff
The protection of Vrindavan will be of great benefit to all, for now and till the end of time.


xxxxxxxx, BANGALORE

Ramesh Chintala, Coppell, Texas. USA

Pooja Bajaj, Ambala City
Jai Shri Radhey
Manushy janam ka ek hi phal hai.... Radha Rani ki sewa.
One must do it.

Domin Rod, Bogota

shivakumar, shivamogga
all glories to shri krishna, its our duty to protect the holiness of the krishna's property.

xxxxxxxx, Oberneisen

Shane Spalding, London

Shyam das, London, UK
People from all races and nations all over the world do pilgrimage to Sri Vrindavan. It is the Mecca for all Vaisnavas and devotees of Krishna - which includes 1 billion Hindus. Why should it not be a World Heritage Site?

Rasananda das, Ujjain, m.p, india

Abhijeet Khopkar, Mumbai
Oh Kind Souls . . Let us take care of our Mother earth very very nicely . . and . . Special places of Lord’s presence with utter care . . For his divine mercy . . Hare Krishna

xxxxxxxx, BHILAI

xxxxxxxx, mumbai


Pradeep Singh, Nadi, Fiji
Please save our Yamuna for God's sake. Jai Hind!!!!!

Kirtana Rasa dasa, Tomsk, Russia

Geza Banyay, Budapest, Hungary

Yes, The Illegal mining and deforestation is against the Vedic Cultural preservation, a right of we the citizens of India, proud of our Vedic culture

Tristan Trefoil, Ahtari, Finland

Kevin Field, London

Alokparna Das, New Delhi

Sita Devi Dasi, Quito

xxxxxxxx, cordoba

xxxxxxxx, 29690 Buchholz
I request to the authorities of the administration - the head of state of Uttar Pradesh, the Prime Minister and the government of India, as well as the honorable president of India to do everything what is possible so that this holy place will be preserved, protected and developed.According to the heritage it presents and according to the need of the resident people called the Vrajbasis and in additional consideration of the many visitors which come on pilgrimage from all over India and even from all over the world for their purification, it is necessary to be preserved, protected and developed.

xxxxxxxx, berlin
the holy heart of India is the rescue of the world

avadhoot maharaja, new york
the most important spiritual landmark on the planet

xxxxxxxx, Carcassonne 11 France

xxxxxxxx, 10999

Bernhard Rose, Berlin

xxxxxxxx, Karlsruhe

Thomas Winkler, Stuttgart, Germany

xxxxxxxx, Berlin

Stanislaw Spatschinski, Fuerth

Inés de Campos Salles, Rosario. Argentina

Chandricka Pasupati, Sydney


Marco Baptista Maceda, La paz Bolivia

xxxxxxxx, Pune

ashok, bangalore

Trevor b Giuliani, Portland, OR

ATKD, Bangalore
Hare Krishna

Juan David Castaño Roldán, Medellín Colombia
Please, help preserve the holy places in this world.

Srikar, Mysore

Manu Samhita Dasa, Bangalore

Alec Heumann, San Diego

Jaya Radhe dd, Almaty

shyammayi D Dasi, mauritius

Vaibhav Jain, Ujjain

Mohan Sundar, Hyderabad
Vrindavan Dhama is the spritual centre of the universe. It must be protected from demons.

Zivota Milanovic (Jaiva dharma Dasa), Jagodina

Keith Foley, Tamborine
Rivers are the life blood of the land and should be maintained in the most healthy condition. They are like arteries in the body which when in a healthy condition 'unpolluted' supply clean blood to the heart.

Emilie Pasanen, Göteborg

HSH, Prince Andrei Yusupov, Olympia WA USA
Water is the life blood of the land. When the water is poisoned, the land becomes poisoned, and eventually, all living things are harmed.

-ग़ाफ़िल, Babhnan, Gonda, U.P., India
हम चाहते हैं कि वृन्दावन तथा गोकुल को वर्ड हेरिटेज के रूप में विकसित किया जाय

nishamittal, muzaffarnagar
पोरानिक क्षेत्र ,हमारी संस्कृति की पहिचान ब्रिज मंडल को विश्व की ऐतिहासिक धरोहरों में सम्मिलित करना चाहिए.

Ravindra K Kapoor, Kanpur
I strongly feel that without including Vrindavan and its surroundings as the place of World Heritage, perhaps the Foundation would miss the most valuable and the most precious amongst all your Heritages. Vrindavan is not only a historical place, it is a place where love and beauty reaches its ultimate in the divine forms of Radha and Krishna.

In Him millions and millions finds the purpose of their existence, love and life. For the last many thousands years, when perhaps there was no existence of all other monuments and buildings, which your great organization is trying to preserve Vrindavan existed and even would continue to exist till human life exists on Earth.

Now it is up to you to decide, whether you come forward to preserve 'Vridavan' as a place of Timeless Beauty and Love, which are the essence of Human Life and with which are linked the breaths and dreams of millions and millions of its believers. Vrindavan and its surroundings have given shapes to the dreams of hundreds of Writers and Poets, Painters and Musicians, Artists and sculptures, singers and photographers, if these things have no importance for WAF, I would prefer not to recommend to include it, as a place of World Heritage.
Ravindra K Kapoor Premium Member Poetry Soup; Member World Art Foundation & Song writer and Singer.

xxxxxxxx, Guatemala city
lets preserve Vrindavan

xxxxxxxx, delhi

xxxxxxxx, Lynchburg, VA USA
Hare Krishna!

Maria Bolick, Quito

Dr Nagesh M., Delhi
The holy city of Vrindavan should be protected and declared World Heritage site. Shri Vrindavan Dham is centre of world cultural heritage and will become capital of worlds true culture. Culture based upon true values of humanilty for its development in right direction.

Clayton WIlson, Vancouver
I have come from very far to see Vrndavan and to learn of the sacred culture of India. It is heart breaking to see how this place has been neglected and deteriorated.

Please come to Vrndavan and chant.
Please give Sri Vrndavan dham is rightful place in the hearts of people around the world.

sai prasad panda, mumbai
vrindavan should be a world heritage

Devchand, Mehsana, Gujarat
Vrindavan is the holiest place on the planet earth& must be preserved at nay cost.

Jennifer Gryziec, Brooklyn, NY

Hilary Buchanan, Brooklyn, NY

Mark Sonderskov, NYC

xxxxxxxx, Auckland
Jai Sri Vrindavan Dham

xxxxxxxx, Harish

shweta, India
Hare krsihan

Revatinandna Das, London
The Land of Vrajabhumi is non different than Lord Krishna Himself. To desicrete this land will mean desicrating Lord Krishna Himself. Millions of people hold this land close to their hearts and long to come here for getting their Spiritual uplifting from the everday rat race. Please help protect this rare piece of Land the birth Place of Lord Krishna where he enacted hundreds of wonderfull pastimes. Please protect it and make it into a Worl Heritage Site for the sake of many generations to come and experience the simple way of life which is eroded by the push of material progress and madness. Hare Krishna. Radhe Radhe!

chetana, new delhi
plz don't reuin d lila sthali of sri sri radha krishna! it is d only jewel v have got given by Them!
Hare Krishna

Párti Júlia, Budapest

sathyaprasad bhoopathy, chennai

Pratham, Delhi

sachin, mumbai
Loudly chant

oscar, neiva

xxxxxxxx, Singapore

Dhayalan Raj, Ipoh
Vrindavana is the most suitable dhama to be included in World Heritage Site

Vijit Pareek, Bikaner
Hare Krishna!!!!!!!!1

david britto de souza, Fortaleza
Vrndavan is already a Spiritual Heritage needs just to become material!

robert lemerond, long beach ca usa
hare krishna

xxxxxxxx, Toronto, canada
I visit vrindavan quite often, it is one of my favorite places. For such a holy place it should be kept clean.

Nadig, Bangalore
Please add Vrindavan to list of the World Heritage Sites.

Isha Kaushik, new delhi
Please support this cause as our heritage is the most precious treasure we cn possess.

Avinash, Bangalore

Kushum devi dasi, Brooklyn

Anil Goyal, Ludhiana
Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare

Srinivas Kumar, Bangalore

xxxxxxxx, PALWAL

xxxxxxxx, dhaka

nishant, Mathura

Mahabuddhi dasa, Coral Springs Florida

Rama Das, Berkeley

xxxxxxxx, Lima
Hare KRsna

xxxxxxxx, Lucknow

Stefano Notarbartolo, Jakarta
Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare

xxxxxxxx, Surrey

xxxxxxxx, Chennai

Russell Grisham, Honolulu
Vrindavan is the sacred land of the pastimes of Lord Sri Krishna. It should always be preserved and protected for devotional use and pilgrimage by his sincere devotees.
All Glories to His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami who made this holy land known to people throughout the entire world so that they could visit the holy dham and 5000 ancient temples and deepen their devotion to the supreme Lord.
Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare
Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare.

Sandy Quintana - Vrajarasa das, Miami
Vrindavan Dham ki jay!!!

Iosu Abínzano, Pamplona- Spain

vaishnavi, sonipat

sriranjani, chennai
Let us preserve our radheshyam jis lilavinod called VrindAvan

Sandeep Chatterjee, Delhi

mario riega, Viña del Mar
please! go and encourage autorities

Rajiv Singh, MUMBAI
Save the Vridavan Dham from Pollution.

xxxxxxxx, Dallas-TX (USA)

xxxxxxxx, omsami.alba@gmail.com

Yashoda gopi dasi, Edenbridge, UK
Terrible to think in our lifetime the pastime place of the Lord is being trashed, polluted, uncared for, exploited, etc.

Jose Angel Santana, Berlin, Germany

Abhay Charanaravinda das, Sofia

David Holmes, Lawrence, Kansas, USA

michael garner, milton keynes

abhaya cdd, london
Jaya Sri Radhe

xxxxxxxx, Lima PERU
Bueno, Saludar a todos, y tratar de servir al máximo a mi Guru y toda la sangha maravillosa. Abrir mis ojos y corazon para ver las cosas como deben ser vistas.

Almer, Zaandam

James Portocarrero, Ukiah, California
It's our job to take care of Sri Vrindana Dham

xxxxxxxx, Ahmednagar, Maharashtra

farahvafadar@yahoo.com, Rotterdam

Veronika Kobesova, Brno

Upananda Brahmachari, Gangasagar, west Bengal
Hare Krishna. Yes, certainly Brajmandal should come into the list of the World Heritage Sites. Lord Rama and Lord Krishna, both are considered as the legendary ideals for any Hindu-Sanatani-Vaishnava, THE MARYADA PURUSOTTAMA and LILA PURUSOTTAMA. The incarnation of Theory for Action in first and The Incarnation of Action for the Theory in the later. The whole world follow Rama and Krishna through Ramayana, Srimad Bhagabad Gita and Srimadvagabatam throughout the gaes after ages. But the Birth and work places of these two Hindu Ideals and Historic Entities are most neglected and undesirable by the Govt and other concerned in India. As such the Hindus and all the admirers of Sanatani-Vaishnava sects must be united so that these Two Holiest Historical places Like Ayodhya of Pravu Rama and Virdavan-Mathura of Sri Krishna Bihari - Nada Lala - Murlidhari - Partha Sarthi, MUST BE DECLARED AS WORLD HERITAGE PLACES IMMEDIATELY. Jai Sri Ram - Jai Sri Krishna.

Prakash, Rotterdam

miso, rotterdam

kiran k guditi, dalby
Please preserve the sanctity of the holy Dham,

Lenin Babu Vemula, Helsinki
Please save Vrindavan Dham. It is the spiritual center and this place nothing but Lord Krishna's supreme abode. Please save this and save this world. HariBol, Lenin

Lucia, Madrid
I would like to go as voluntier to Colombia

xxxxxxxx, Bangalore
Dhams should be protected and maintained to protect ourself

Puneet Mishra, Bangalore
Vrindavan is such a marvelous place where Krishna had played so many Lilas. I would request everybody to protect this heritage and spread the holy name of Krishna.

xxxxxxxx, jagadhri
it is a universal heritage site

xxxxxxxx, PUNE
Shri Lord Krisna has given us such a wonderful life ,not to exploit things instead enjoying life and do bhakti by chanting "Hare krishna hare krishna krishna krishna hare hare Hare rama hare rama rama rama hare hare".Vrindavan is such a holy and beautiful place where Shri Lord krisna lived in his avtaar on earth and it's our religious and spiritual responsibility to save that place and enhance that place.

Anand Totla, Bangalore
Vrindavan dham is one of the holiest places in India where Lord Krishna exhibitd His wonderful pastimes 5000 yrs back. Declaring it as world heritage place would ensure that it is well protected so that our current & future generations can be benefitted by visting such holy places & getting inspired. Pls keep this place free from pollution & politics.

Anisha Adhikari, Moscow, Russia

Ravi Kumar, Singapore

xxxxxxxx, Mumbai

Vipluv Shetty, Pune

Sharda Talreja, Mumbai
Must leave to stone unturned in the cleanliness & preserving the spiritual atmosphere of the Divine Vrindavan. It used to be the residence of Lord Krishna being of utmost importance.

xxxxxxxx, nashik

Mangesh more, Pune
Please save Vrindavan

Sethuraman, Coimbatore

Manasa, Bangalore

vishnu, Bangalore
Vrindavan Dham ki jay...

Yogesh Ray, Pune

xxxxxxxx, hyderabad
please keep it as sacred as passible without any kind of pollution

Sourabh, Bangalore
Please save the most needed place on Earth for the people to realize their real identity.

shobha dalvi, mumbai

reshu shah, mumbai
Pls improve the city and surroundings without impacting the culture and spiritual aura

xxxxxxxx, mumbai

Babita Talreja, Mumbai
vrindavan dham is the most sacred place on earth and has to preserved at every cost

Saci Gaurasundara Das, New Delhi
Please dont spoil it is the place where krsna play with the gopas. please dont do anything which hurts krsna & his devotees

Anthony, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada,
Please preserve the spiritual atmosphere of this holy place!
The whole world needs to come and take shelter of Vrindavan!

priyanka gupta, pune

Amit Kumar, Pune
Plz make this most wonderful and beautiful place in this entire creation world heritage...

Gopikant Das, Hong Kong

Nishant, Pune
At least spare the Dham.

xxxxxxxx, Pune

v.venkat raman, chennai
Mathura - Brindavan train should be attended

Manohar, Banglore
in vrindavan dam lord KRISHNA performed eternal pastmes we must protect thedham.

anek, chiangrai

Ujwal, Pune
This is a sincere request to Government of India and all the concerned authorities to protect and cultivate the spirtiual capital of India, Vrindavan Dham. Also it would be glorious for India to have Vrindavan in the world heritage list. Please make this dream a reality.
Hare Krishna.

Debogiri, Espoo,Finland
Vrindaban Dham the place where the Lord resides eternally shouldn't be treated as ordinary material place. We are fotunate in this life to have heard of the glories of the place and pastimes of lord. Nothing can be beyond this we can dream of. Please let this holy dham be protected for the future generations to hear the glories and pastimes of Lord and go back to Godhead...

Vrindan Dham ki Jaya..
Srila Prabhupad ki Jay..

xxxxxxxx, delhi

xxxxxxxx, Mangalore

Vasu Vemula, Hyderabad
It is a holy place. Please preserve it.

piyush, pune

Samir Mandal, pune
Don't spoil Vrindavan by doing material advancment.

Hari T Moorthy, Phoenix, AZ
HARE KRISHNA... Jaya Radha Madhava

Vamsi Govind das,

Shouvik, pune

Yash Sri, Bangalore
Government should help us.

Hare Krishna Prabhuji & Mataji,
If we cannot protect our own destiny by ensuring that it is a world heritage site, then who would?I am sure that Lord Krishna would help us ALL to do it!

prajyot, mahad

xxxxxxxx, Bangalore
Please save Vrndavan

Nisha m, Pune
Please save vrindavan dhaam from getting polluted!

Pavan, Pune

Dinesh Arora, Mumbai

xxxxxxxx, Pune
I Request the government to not pollute the Holy Dham with their perverted ideas of so called 'advancement' which is only a roadway to hell but to rather try its level best to protect the sanctity of the Holy Land which can deliver the highest welfare to all of humanity. I hope the concerned authorities understand this provided they r not blinded by the lust for ill-begotten wealth that can b obtained via developmental projects. O Lord Krishna, please give some intelligence and enlightenment to these morons.

xxxxxxxx, Peterborough, UK

xxxxxxxx, pune
Jay Radhe Jay Krishna Jay Vrindavan.

Narendra, Bangalore

Praveen Kumar VR, Bangalore

ankush, bangalore
Holy place should be protected from so called advancement

Sujit Mehta, pune
Every government takes sufficient measures to protect the sovereignty of the country and its pride and our government is no different.
But among all important agendas to neglect and not protect the 'LORD'S' dham is a reflection of priorities gone wrong.One can cheat only to be cheated ,who does so will definitely pay the price,hope the current office bearers have not forgotten this basic law.

Anand Ojha, Bangkok

Ketan Pendse, Pune
I request the Government to put all the required efforts to make Vrindavan a World Heritage Site....

V.Gopi Krishna, vgopikrishna@gmail.com
All the wealth in the entire material creation cannot buy me a Single dust particle in Shri Vrindavan dham. All glories to Shri Vridavan dham.


xxxxxxxx, Agra

xxxxxxxx, Los Angeles
Vrindavan is one of the holiest place for Hindus.

Rajat, bangalore

sakthi, Bangalore
Please leave us to live peacefully. Its everyone of us who should protect our glorious culture.

Raghunath, Bangalore

Nikhil, Trivandrum
I support this movement

abhay adapanawar, pune

xxxxxxxx, Allahabad

xxxxxxxx, pune

Jeff Wallien, Boulder, CO
Krishna's home, what more need be said?

xxxxxxxx, Richardson

Sanatan Govind Das, Dallas

Vinit, Pune
Protect the rich spiritual capital --- The Vrindavan...!!!

xxxxxxxx, Fountain Valley, CA
Please make Sri Vrindavandham a world heritage!!

Vinodh Valluri, Petaluma, CA
All Glories to the Holy Dhaam, Shri Vrindaavan!

xxxxxxxx, Austin, TX

Bhaktin Carol, Dallas

Deepali Boradia, Pune

Anurag, Delhi
Need to protect the sanctity of the holy place

Pradeep Kumar, Pune
Please do not destroy the beauty of land of Vrindavan, a govt should protect the holy places and not ruin its importance by polluting and destroying its beauty.

xxxxxxxx, pune

xxxxxxxx, Pune
Save Vrindavan

Kunti Dasi, Dallas
Please protect this rare treasure Sri Vrindavana Dhama!

ramasundar das, dallas
Please Make Vrindavan a world heritage site and protect it.! Lets preserve its beauty and integrity the way it is.!

Vidya, Pune

Rasasekhara Dasa, Dover,Delaware,USA
My humble request to the authorities to take appropriate measures to protect Sri Vrindavan Dham.

Virendra Jaiswal, Dehradun

anand gupta, Washington DC

Parthasarathy, Tirupati
Jai Sriman Narayana!

Ajay Kumar Bansal, Pune

Vikram Pandit, New Delhi
The land of Vrindavan is epitomizes the SPIRITUAL culture of India. Please help protect this land and with it a Culture that has the potency to save this misdirected civilization.

xxxxxxxx, Chennai

xxxxxxxx, Cincinnati,oh USA

Shobhalaxmi Devi Dasi, Pune
Please do the needful to protect Sri Vrindavan Dham

Saurabh, pune
Vrindavan is among the most sacred and historical places of our country, we should try our best to save it in whatever way we can.

xxxxxxxx, Pune

Shyam, Dubai
keep on wasting money in material desires please please spend money to protect holy place

umesh, Pune,India

Raju Sinha, Pune

manish vithalani, pune
please please please Protect Vrandavan dham

Anamika Pani, Pune
Every one us crave to serve at Sri Vrindavan dham. By just trying to save the culture, heritage & the land of Braj, we will be doing direct service at the Lotus feet of the Lord. Please contribute to protect the Holy dham the way you would protect your own home if it would be in such crisis situation. And be blessed by Guru & RadhaShyamsundar...

Krishnama raju, tirupati
its our responsibility to protect the vedic properties, so that future generations can benefit from them..

Aditya Mittal, Trichy

Chintu Prajapati, Bangalore
Let us come together and protect Vrindavan dham which was also Prabhupada's desire.

xxxxxxxx, Bangalore
Vrindavana is Sri Krishna's place... we should join hands in protecting the place where Krishna's soul still dwells !!

Anubhav Mishra, Pune
Protecting Vrindavan will help us restoring the Indian Culture and values. It will help protecting the places of pilgrimage and will thus help making vraja dham an emblem of spirituality and vedic culture.
Please help in restoring the this holy place, the place of lord krishna to its natural state.
Thank you very much.

xxxxxxxx, Bangalore
hare krsna

Vinay Vasudeva, New Delhi
Pls improve the city and surroundings without impacting the culture and spiritual aura

Rakesh Pandita, Pune
It is the very place where Supreme Personality of God Head performed his enternal Pastimes we must save this even at cost of our Lives.

Deepak, Pune
Vrindavan is the holiest place of all holy places. If we loose that then we will lose the spirituality on the land of Bharat Varsh.

xxxxxxxx, Pune India

Vilasini devi dasi, Pune
Coming from an architectural background, I'd like to further bolster the point that Vrindavan has a unique architectural fibre unborrowed from anywhere else. It conveys the message to the user of space (pilgrim, native or guest) in its original character and tainting it with the clock of the urban space would mean devastation of a very special architectural narrative.

balaji srinivasan, New Delhi

mahendra, bangalore

xxxxxxxx, Pune
Protect the paradise

Jiten Solanki, Pune

Pravin Muley, Pune
Protect the spiritual heritage of India.It is the only real treaure we have and can give to all mortals on this planet...Jai Shree krishna

Nikhil, Pune
Vrindavan is the holiest place in this entire universe.

Chetan Warade, Pune
This is our prime duty to protect Sri Sri Vrindavan Dham !!!

rahul ambardar, satara
Please save this pious land

Amarjit Gupta, Pune
This is very essential.

rahul ambardar, Basel
Please save Vrindava Dham

xxxxxxxx, Trivandrum
Please protect the sanctity of Vrindavan.

Tushar, Pune
Vridavan is very imp cultural and hostoric place. Pls preserve it. - Tushar

Sudip, Mumbai
Please protect Vrindavan Dham. This will protect India.

Kiran Bhalwane, Pune
Vrindavan is ( 'Sri Dham ) eternal transcendental abode of lord Shri Krishna. It is in our own spiritual interest to serve the dham by protecting it , or else , it will disappear from our vision. The all world come's to bow down & roll in the dust of Vrindavan. Vrindavan is the supremely holy abode of Supreme Personality Of Godhead Shri Krishna...everyone love's Vrindavan , love means service ... so let us serve Vrindavan !

By serving Vrindavan one will get shower of all the auspicious blessings from Lord Krishna & thus his life & existence becomes perfect & successful.

xxxxxxxx, Pune

xxxxxxxx, Pune, India

xxxxxxxx, Pune
Please preserve this holiest place on the earth

Ameya, Pune
Hare Ram ! Hare Krishna ! Long live the glory of India...

xxxxxxxx, Pune
Please protect Vrindavan from Mordernization.

Pankaj Gupta, Delhi
Save this heritage and divine city. Don't make it concrete jungle. It is a place for spirituality and for that natural surroundings are required.

xxxxxxxx, Pune

xxxxxxxx, Pune
Please do the needful to protect Sri Vrindava Dham.

Arindam, Chennai
Vrindavan holds a special place in the heart of Hindus for several centuries. Let us do our best preserve it.

Kavita, bangalore

Gajendra, Pune

Abhijit Toley, Pune
Please protect Vrindavan. Very soon there wont be much spiritual left on this planet. Let's protect all that we can, and especially the holiest place called Vrindavan and around.

Rajesh Nikam, Pune
It will be great help for human kind to protect Vrindavana !

xxxxxxxx, Bangalore

Aditi Sharma, Pretoria, South Africa

Partha, Bangalore
Can you stupid Indian politicians, stop these nonsense activities of so called development outside vrindavan. Are you crazy? Demoniac leaders. !! Krishna please save us from these nasty leaders....

GVS Swaroop, Hyderabad
"Hare Krishna"

Rasamrita Gaur Das, Pune

xxxxxxxx, Pune
Please protect this Spiritual Heritage!!

xxxxxxxx, PUNE
Please reserve some fund to develop Vrindavan with natural beauty and there shud be some restricted area where cement buildings should not be allowed.

Mahesh Jahdav, Pune

Ram Mohan Gupta, Pune
Vrindavan and Vraj dham is the most sacred place of pilgrimage and gives the inspiration to millions of people the world over. The sanctity of this holy dham must be maintained.

xxxxxxxx, Bangalore
Vrindavan truly deserves the World Heritage Status.

xxxxxxxx, London
Save Vrndavan..Ur Are Saving Martya Loka For Lakhs Of Generations To Come!!

Francisco López-Herrera (Parameswara das), México, D.F.

Alalanatha dasa, Prague
You people born in Bharata (India) have a unique chance to be Krsna concious and make your human life successful by returning back to Godhead. If you do not use it and instead pursue materialistic life, it is very regrettable and India will suffer severely. Please protect your spiritual heritage, protect holy places like Vrndavan and Lord Krsna will bles you. Even materially! As Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati used to say: There is no lack of anything in this world, the only lack is of Krsna consciousness. Hare Krsna.


Nishad Khatri, San Antonio Tx

xxxxxxxx, baladta@yahoo.in
It is the real heritage of India and fountain house of the vedic culture.

rosy, Argentina
All glories to Sri Krsna !!!!

Diana Hernández Medina, mexico city
dont destroy our treasures...!!!

carolina ronda, santiago de chile

xxxxxxxx, Pazardjik

Peter Simon, Berlin

Andrea de Terán Alcayaga, Delhi, India

Gourav Sharma, Delhi, India
World Heritage status for Vrindavan Dham is awsome.

xxxxxxxx, Rovaniemi
Vrndavan dham, ki jay!

Devendra Chaitanya, New Delhi
BVHAlliance and World Heritage petition are exellent sites. It will improove religious faith and interest on the Internet.We hope it will increase efforts and movements on all sides.
Hare Krishna


Isabel Cristina Angel Esquivel, Medellin
PLease!!! Save Yamuna!!!!

Chandan Kumar, Mumbai
Vrindavan is holy place on the earth, it should be protected at all cost


xxxxxxxx, Göteborg
Vrindavan is a holy place for millions and krishnas land. It needs to be protected for the future

xxxxxxxx, piteå

shauna burton, french lick

Ferenc Opavszky, Tapolca
Yamuna mayi-ki jaya!

Gábor Mónika, Veszprém

xxxxxxxx, Veszprém

Szegediné Páljános Mónika, Budapest
Protecting of sacral places is an issue of global importance. Please protect Yamuna river.

xxxxxxxx, Manizales

Anurag Varma, Ghaziabad

xxxxxxxx, Budapesst

xxxxxxxx, liverpool

Csukás Márta, Debrecen

xxxxxxxx, london
pamho agtacbsp good service prabhu agtys dandavats daso smi seva das haribol

rupa raghunath das, Vrindavan

Lester Padriga, Kapaa, Hawaii
Please consider the sustainability and spirituality of this Sacred Place. A great asset to the Maha Bharat.

Jagan Mohan, Pondicherry
Braj is a treasure trove of such rich cultural and spiritual heritage, developed over eons of enrichment by numerous communities and people from all over India.

This iconic pilgrimage territory deserves all the protection possible by entering it into the World Heritage Sites list.

Its wealth is too valuable and irreplaceable that we cannot afford to loose it otherwise.

xxxxxxxx, BOTHELL, WA. USA
Places are small on the earth, places like these are large in peoples' hearts, we must retain places of very positive energy.

xxxxxxxx, Vrindavan
Vrndavan is ( 'Sri Dham ) eternal transcendental abode of lord Krsna. It is in our own spiritual interess to serve the dham by protecting it , or else , it will disappear from our vision . The all world come's to bow down at the dust of vrindavan ...everyone love's vrindavan , love means service ... so let us serve vrindavan !

xxxxxxxx, UK

xxxxxxxx, budapest

paramatma dasa,

Hegedüs Judit, Szeged

Fairuz Dow Franco, Colombia

Sunil from HOLLAND, The Hague - The Netherlands- W.- Europe
Please preserve Vrindavana Dhama, understand the importance of the Dhama' s. Yours, SunilFromHOLLAND

Neil Rasmussen, Los Angeles
If Vrindavan (and Greater Brajmandal) isn't a World Heritage Site, worthy of conservation, I don't know what is....

Brayan Castro, Concepción, Chile.
Que se mantega ese lugar sagrado, bendiciones.

slaven vulic, split, Croatia

Mario Boisvert, Montreal
There are places in this world like Vrindaban, India, where technological development is not quite the point.

Vinod Jadhao, Bengaluru
||Hari Om||

K. S, Ajka
We are here in Hungary seeing some big pains of the jodeo Israel friend govern controlled environmental terrorism.
I write from this deadly attack:
We did try to murdered from the Israel friendly "socialist- Gyurcsany" hungarian gorvernment.


Therefore, EVERYBODY NEED TO FIGTH again the environment terrorist MURDERER governments!!!

Leiry, Bogota - Colombia
All this is amazing !!!

Charles Wilkinson, Seattle, WA, USA
Best wishes and good luck with your campaign. If you maintain a mailing list, please add my e-mail address to it. Thank you.

jasomatinandan das, Cape Town

Giovanny Araque, Bogotá Colombia

Elisabeth Kohlin, Jönköping,Sweden

marut, london

Indrajeet Singh, Hyderabad

Miha Kocjan, Slovenia, Ljubljana

Sundaresan Munusamy, kuala lumpur , Malaysia

Stefanie Tauscher, Bad Homburg(Germany)

Aleksey Volkov, Kirov

umesh davda, Birmingham UL
Vrandavan is unique forest and needs to be protected to maintain its rich cultural heritage and also the enviroments in sits in.

Patryk Blakala, London

Vikram Ramsoondur, Phoenix, Mauritius
Vrndavana-dhama Ki Jaya!

Nipun Sharma, Ann Arbor

G. Bakker, Burnaby

xxxxxxxx, Glasgow

anupama, calgary
only a person like us who are miles far away from vrindavan can feel the pain of separation and the divine sanctity of this holy abode.each and every particle of vrindavan shows up krishna is around.

Nicholas Pritchard, Los Angeles

Sakshi Gopal, Bloomington
Stop the bridge, protect our holy land

Brian Parkerr, South Africa

kelly padilla jara, peru

xxxxxxxx, London
Radhe Radhe...

Manohara das,
Vrindavan Dham should be protected & highly respected!

xxxxxxxx, Ambarnath (Maharashtra)
I fully endorse the world heritage site status for Vrindavan

Susan Sorabella, Holyoke, MA U.S.A.
In 1984 I traveled to the holy Vrndavana. The memory of that trip sustains me today. Please protect the ancient sanctity of this most holy place. Thank you!

xxxxxxxx, Fitchburg Mass USA
Please keep Vrindavin a sacred place and do not build any bridges

Kara Middleton, Southaven, MS

Sarah Noack, Jersey City
Wish I could add 10,000 signatures!

maite lleixa, Vrindavan


xxxxxxxx, Goteborg

james manolakis, rehoboth beach de. usa
All Glories to His Divine Grace A.C Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupad. Sri Sri RADHA KRSNA and Vrndavan Dham ki jai

xxxxxxxx, Creswell OR USA

seshu, london

xxxxxxxx, Cape Town
There is no other place on the planet that is more worthy of World Heritage Status. Vrndavan is the most sacred place on this planet. Everything should be done to protect what is left.

Manjesh Banawara, Toronto

Tamoharadasa Vanaprastha, Winnipeg, Canada

Nimai Charan dasa, Irvine, CA, USA
Please protect our cultural and spiritual heritage. This is our wealth.

Dr.Madhavi Rao, Hyderabad

xxxxxxxx, Delhi
Jai Shri RadhaKrishna! In this universe vrindavan dham is a great and peaceful place I have request to central govt. of India & state govt. of UP to protect the Brij mandal, mathura and vrindavan dham as a world heritage.

Bhakta Victor Manuel, Metepec, Mexico
a simple way of living for everyone.

Gabriel Armiano, göteborg

Mahua, Kolkata

ANANYA, cartagena

Pinaki Das, Dhaka

Joris Maas, Eindhoven

Galina Sivcheva, Sozopol
respect for the place as a source of the Trueth

Parimal Shah, mumbai
if it shall be the sweet will of Krishna, whatever purity of Vrindavan dham actually remains today shall be retained in its true sprit. If by declaring it as a world heritage site, this land can be protected then it should surely be declared as a world heritage site for the benefit of many future generations yet to come.

Tushar Gaikwad, Pune
The real wealth of India is it's spiritual culture. And the capitols of this culture are Vrindavan, Mathura and other holy dhams. What would one get by destroying them? Rather we should focus on developing them to be spiritual universities. If not, at least stop spoiling it further.

xxxxxxxx, Chennai
Sri Vrindavan dham is the the place where the Supreme Lord Sri Krishna appeared 5000 years ago. Please! Please protect the dham..

Biplov Belel, Mumbai
Please save Mother Yamuna from the hands of the Demon-crazies.

xxxxxxxx, Sydney
There is no other place on earth like Brindhaban that provides inspiration to truth seekers. No wonder the materialists fail to see that but even in their ignorance, they have no right to destroy right of others. UNESCO will do a great service to humanity by declaring this as world heritage site and save this unique site which keeps spiritualising the world that can become an unparalleled contributor to world peace in this age where people's pride considered only protected when they see each other eye to eye.

xxxxxxxx, Lima-Peru

Krishnachandra das, Long Island, NY

xxxxxxxx, Skopje, Macedonia
It is a must such a unique place of extraordinary importance for all the world people to be included in the World Heritage Sites!

Brajendra nandana dasa ( Bengt Ohlen ), stockholm
keep up the work. i am with you..

Ognen Zafirovski, Skopje, Macedonia
I was 2 times in Vrindavan and all i can say its not an ordinary heritage its the deepest spiritual place of importance for all mankind... My humble opinion

xxxxxxxx, Odessa

Mangala dasi (aka Dru E. Boyd), Keaau Hawaii, USA
Vrindavan is probably one of the oldest if not the oldest historical heritage sites of the world. Vrindavan should be carefully protected becoming lost to the world. It's importance cannot be underestimated.

Suchandra Dasi, Keaau
Thank you for protecting the most valuable site in the world

Flavio A. Barros, Ecuador

xxxxxxxx, Quilpué

xxxxxxxx, Ambato

Markos, Quito

Melisa, Medellin

Grzegorz Grabiec, Wroclaw

Krishna Kirtan, Wroclaw

ThiThuy Nguyen, Morhange
We love Vrindavan...

Krsna Kaliya Devi Dasi, B

B.V. Bhagavat Maharaja, Los Angeles
I have been going to Braja Mandala Dham for 40 years I lived there for almost a year at one time. I have been watching as it is slowly deteriorating from the quaint village that it once was with so much spiritual charm to the present commercial enterpriser that it is becoming to satisfy the lust and greed of a few people. Shame on those persons who spoil the atmosphere of Braja for there lust and greed. You should preserve the ancient quality of life which is the heart of Braja culture which is Krishna culture. If we modernize Braja then we will be telling people about the ideal of a culture that no longer exists. We should not just teach the people of the world about ancient Braja Culture through our words but through a practical demonstration of its existence. Therefore we must indeed obtain World Heritage City status in order to save and restore the essence of what is Braja in reality not just words. thank you for reading this.
A humble but unqualified servant of Braja.
B.V. Bhagavat Maharaja

yesika andrea enciso, neiva
hari bol hay q hacer todo lo que este en nuestras manos para proteger y conservar vrindavan

Glenn Avery, Newnan Ga
Vrindaban is the most important place on this planet

xxxxxxxx, washington dc

Elitza Nedkova, Amsterdam

eleder zalbide, bilbao (Spain)

Amara Das Wilhelm, Honolulu, Hawaii, USA
Yes! Please honor, preserve and protect Sri Vraja Mandala as a World Heritage Site!

Bhakta Boris, Panama
Save Vrindavan dham!

Cristian Castro, Antofagasta



Gopapatni dd, Gainesville Florida USA
Please keep this Holy City Sacred. It should be #1 on the list of World Heritage sites.

juliana Puerta, manizales, Colombia

Madhai-jivana Nitai dasa, Wroclaw

Karl Mulder, Abbotsford, Canada

Solange Queirolo, Santiago
Apoyando la causa desde Chile!!

Kiran Saraswati, Port-Louis, Mauritius
HARE KRISHNA. Vrindavan is a sacred and unique place and should remain as it is. Vrindavan is the only place that deserves the World Heritage Tag.

xxxxxxxx, Eger, Hungary

xxxxxxxx, Eger, Hungary

xxxxxxxx, Vienna

xxxxxxxx, Vienna
Vrindavana is a sacred place and should be protected.
Human society is in danger to get blinded by unscrupulousness political leaders and corporations.
The true leader is a wellwisher for each and every living entity on earth, a representant of God's truth. These people still can be found in Vrindavan...
We tend to protect plants and animals but Vrindavana is much more important.

Upendra das, uddevalla
Not only a cultural heritage,it is most definitely a great spiritual heritage as well.

Tattva-darsi, Prague
Every cultured nation should protect their sacred sites of pilgrimage.

Jody campbell, Dublin
leave it as it should be, old and wonderful!!

xxxxxxxx, madrid
please let Vrindavana Dham be green again

Asaf, Harish, Israel

Verne meis, los angeles

vineeta, mumbai
the only place that truly deserves the world heritage tag... Hari Bol!

Jasmina, Ljubljana, Slovenia
Hare Krishna!!!

Alicia Durán, Bogotá, Colombia
Sacred Sites are patrimony of humanity.

xxxxxxxx, Caracas

Jnana-ruddha das, Stockholm

daniela, maldonado-uruguay

xxxxxxxx, Guatemala
plese lets remember there's no difference between vrindavan and the goloka vrindavan itself both are the home of krishna and radhe and Krishna at the same time lets save the yamuna where krishna played with his friends!!! and where he made the rasa!!!!!! LETS PROTECT THE SISTER OF LORD YAMA

Rosa Garcia, San Juan, Puerto Rico

Mitra Krsna Das, Prague
We must protect our spiritual world heritage. Sri Vrindavan Dham

simona Kanon, Bogota

Tunga Vidya Dasi, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Catalina Hoyos, London

Alfonso Perez, Medellin, Colombia, Suramerica

Ruben Darío Montoya, Medellin, Colombia, Suramerica

Maha Rama das, são paulo - Brasil
Please conserve the dam free of pollution an " Progress"

Vijay Tiwari, Edinburgh, U.K.
As the home of spirituality for the largest denomination of Hinduism, namely Vaishnavism, which can claim over 50% of all Hindus (roughly 500 Million people), Shri Vrindavan Dham deserves to recieve this status.

Disha Bissoonauth, Gris Gris

G. Smith, Tucson
Thank you.

Charlotte Jones, Greenwood

claudio correa, American fork,USA
Please stop the construction of the bridge.

anandamukhi, round rock texas

xxxxxxxx, moscow
no bridges or highways in Vrndavana!

Darko Halapir, Zagreb

xxxxxxxx, La Puente, Calif. USA
Please stop the construction of the bridge. Help keep Vrindavan Lord Krishna's abode.

Krishna Swarup das, Alachua
must stop undesirable things to happen in Dham

Robert Newman, Los Angeles
Desecration of holy places via "development" is eminently in the spirit of Kali Yuga. Don't do this!

Ambarisa dasa, Mexico
Es muy importante rescatar los lugares sagrados
y no alterarlos
los lugares sagrados son refugios de espiritualidad
muy necesarios en un ambiente global cada vez
mas desorientado y degradado

Vrsabha das, Zagreb

Frederick Aguiar, Montreal, Canada

Andreas Gerdén, Gothenburg

Arun Kumar Das, Gorinchem
Sri Vrndavan Dham is eternal on a spiritual level. But we have to be carefull not to polute the place in a material sense and protect its spiritual world heritage.


Dhana Vira Das, mexico d.f
pensemos en el porvenir de las siguientes generaciones y el factor de lo que llamamos humanida.

Mia Zabolotskaja, Stockholm

Nama-rupa devi dasi, Stockholm

Vincent Bertoux, Mirepoix
I live in France at present, but my heart was conquered by Sri Vrindavan Dham, i was there so many times, and for many months... i study Vaishnav philosophy, and practice it, with full inspiration of the many saints that stay in Vrindavan, i made the parikrama of Sri Vrindavan so many times, and i have many friends there, my Dhrupad music teacher is living, there too, with his family, my family...
i feel more at home in Sri Dham Vrindavan, than in my country of birth...
please protect Sri Vindavan that all love so much !

xxxxxxxx, Berlin

P.Eswar Kumar Dasa, Visakhapatnam
Save Vribndavan from Western foods, only what is recommended in Bhagavad-Gita As It IS is followed.

rajan aggarwal, amtirsar
mero ek pran dhan ek hi jiwan sri vrindavan

Sookun Veesham, Upper Dagotiere, Mauritius
Purity is next to Godliness, and it is the Dharma of every human to care and protect the environment (air, water, land..)where he dwelves. Polluting the latter is suicidal for himself and for his next generations.

Karina Peñaloza, Bolivia

Hrishikesh das Gandhi, Cary

Tulio Betancur, Medellin

Hardy Röck, Köln

Mayapur das, Mauritius

Jorm Skagh, Staffanstorp

Oscar Solberger, Stockholm
I think that protecting the envirement is very important.

Caspian Rehbinder, Stockholm

Carl Johan Rehbinder, Stockholm, Sweden

Isabel Loayza, Arica, Chile
Respetemos la naturaleza, por favor!!!
Hari Bol...

Tarun Krishna das, Warszawa
Vrindavana is unique place and should be protected. We tend to protect plants and animals but Vrindavana is much more important.

Izzi Wit, Mszczonów

Marcela Vera Dìaz, Antofagasta

Monika Pem, Cheltenham, UK

claudio eduardo llanten uribe, chile

nissim pichara, santiago , chile

Ubiratan Justo Versolato, são paulo
Keep the sacred place free, dont make money whit our faith

jonathan andres martilano, santiago , chile

matias godoy, santiago , chile

Miłosz Szatkowski, Bielsko-Biała
Jaya Vrindavana!

Ivanics Zsolt, Székesfehérvár

Francisco Fuenzalida,

Luis Cisterna Manriquez,



Tamal Krishna das, Moscow

Nigel Wolovick, Soquel, CA

Greg Souliotis, San Jose, CA

fabiola soto, santiago , chile

roberto orellana, santiago , chile

xxxxxxxx, Durbuy
Please put the Vrndavana on the list of the world heritage list. It is the birth place of Lord Krishna, the Supreme Personality of Godhead, and it is one of the most beautifull palces on earth. Thank you.

bianca rayo, santiago

veronica valdes, santiago , chile

maria covarrubias, santiago , chile

yael najum, santiago , chile

xxxxxxxx, medellin

javiera dieguez, santiago , chile

carlos silva, santiago , chile

sebastian godoy, santiago , chile

patricia menares, santiago , chile

gloria vivas, bogota

syamananda rogers, santiago , chile

ignacio quezada, santiago , chile

blanca vergara romero, santiago , chile

maria paz badilla, santiago , chile

claudia guerra, santiago , chile

nicolas diban awad, santiago , chile

cecilia hojas, santiago , chile

maria magdalena vergara, santiago , chile

patricia rondon fuentes, santiago , chile

Prahlad-Nrsimha Das, Stockholm, SWEDEN

pablo sanchez osorio, santiago , chile

Konrad Andrzejczak, Aleksandrów Łódzki

Luis Cortés, santiago chile

Paulina tello, La Serena

Natalia Sandoval, La serena. chile

Daniela Miles, La serena. chile

susana unanve, santiago, chile

sergio jimenez, santiago, chile

marcelo aguirre, santiago, chile

nayadeth rojas, santiago, chile

janet mansilla, santiago, chile

Ramona Zehnder, Buchs

Matthias Lippuner, Buchs

catalina araya, santiago, chile

hernan castillo, santiago, chile

Lilavati, Manta,Ecuador
let´s hope Sri Krisna listen to our prayings

xxxxxxxx, Hungary-Budapest

xxxxxxxx, Wrocław/Belfast

Tomasz Zulawnik, Poland

Kunja Bihari Das, Vienna
Serving Radha&Krishna is our success

Teresa Nowodworska, vancouver

Krzysztof Nowodworski, vancouver

romina cornejo parra, santiago

Madhavananda das, Tuzla-Bosnia and herzegovina
Please dont touch Yamuna river or Yamuna devi.

gloria marin, la serena chile

elba bijit donoso, la serena chile

alan flores, La Serena,chile

WWalter Matyas, Surrey
Stop the construction of the unnecessary bridge in Vrindavan.

guillermo tapia, La Serena,chile

francisco morales gonzales, la serena chile

rodrigo villalon, la serena chile

paz grendi, la serena chile

cecilia gomez, la serena chile

andrea arce roa, La Serena,chile

nicolas trabol, La Serena,chile

catalina luque, Bogota

Gabriel General, La serena. chile

alejandro montoya, La Serena,chile

eduardo mora, La Serena,chile

veronica, La Serena,chile

Julio Valle, la Serena chile

guillermo cabrera vives, La Serena,chile

yegor katunin, La Serena,chile

hector, eka chacra/catemu/chile
protejamos los lugares sagrados de todo el mundo .... Vrindavan no se rinde!!!!

lorena Toro F, La serena. chile

angelica tello, santiago

macarena rodriguez, santiago

esteban fernandez, santiago

rafaele berger, Victoria BC Canada

david mansilla almendras, santiago

macarena ortega, santiago

jaime soza parra, santiago

Maria Teresa Restrepo, Envigado, Colombia

Karina Cruz, Sao Paulo - Brazil

radha raman dd, lima
salvemos los lugares sagrados del mundo

Juan Carlos Melo, Bogotá
si no preservamos mas de 5000 años de historia por 5 segundos de civilizacion, entonses como nos reconoceremos a nosotros mismos como humanso

Lina Villada, Medellin
salvemos la sagrada ciudad de vrindavan

Richard Ceballos, Medellin
Let us contribute to save those places where Sri Krishna used to teach about the importancy of spirituality

Juan Carlos Coral, São Paulo, Brasil

xxxxxxxx, Bogotá
vamos carajo, hagamos lo realidad

Yogamaya, Choszczno

Dhira Nitai das Adhikari, Zagreb, Croatia
Sri Vrndavan dham ki jay! Sri Krsna Balarama ki jay!

xxxxxxxx, Bogota, Colombia

xxxxxxxx, Warsaw

Shyamasakhi Devi Dasi, London

Małgorzata Winiarczyk, Bychawa

Swami B.A. Kesava, Budapest, Hungary

Kavi Das, Buenos Aires
How possible is to preserve this sacred place?
How more can we help?

David Mejia, Bogota, colombia
Hare krsna!

carolina gomez r., bogota
me uno al clamor mundial por los lugares sagrados del mundo

Maria Gloria Quezada, La serena

monica irene montaña arevalo, bogota
me uno al clamor mundial por los lugares sagrados del mundo

Francisca Valenzuela,

Julia Fraga, La Serena

Danny Rojas, La Serena

erwin woenckhaus, santiago
No bridge in Vrindavan!

Jorge Ruiz, La Serena

Melissa Goméz, La Serena

Langdon Roberts, Soquel, CA

Elisabeth von Braund, La Serena

Dana Bail, Santa Cruz, CA

Sheryl McEwan, Scotts Valley, CA

Jihan Amer, Campbell, CA

Ricardo Barrios, la Serena

Claudio Mendoza, la Serena

xxxxxxxx, Bogota D.C.

crasangui guiraldo gomez, bogota
me uno al clamor mundial por los lugares sagrados del mundo

xxxxxxxx, bogota , colombia
modernism shouldn`t destroy human heritage.

Robert Fraisl, Vienna
Sucaru vaktra mandalam sukarna ratna kundalam
Sucarcitanga candanam namami nanda nandana
Vrajangana sunayakam sada sukha pradayakam
Jaganmanah pralobhanam namami nanda nandanam

Peace & love to all beings

Edmundo Ortega, México City
I fully agree!

Sonja Gabriel, Vienna, Austria

Stuber, Kirchberg

Mag.a Edeltraud Schröttner, Vienna

Sofia pacheco, santiago

juan pablo prado, b
Bogotá se une a la Clamor Mundial por los Sitios Sagrados

evelyn mendoza, santiago

gandharvika gabriele fall, vienna
I have been once in Vrindavan and have enjoyed
very much the associaton of the devotees.
For sure one day I want to go there again and find
Vrindavan as a peaceful spiritual place...
May this place be protected!

luz amparo, bogotá
por la biodiversidad

xxxxxxxx, Loja-Ecuador

xxxxxxxx, Quito-Ecuador

xxxxxxxx, Quito-Ecuador

Enrique Navarrete, México
Salvemos a Vrindavan Dham ki jayyy!!!

JayGovindaDas, Kaunas/Lithuania
Vrindavan is holly place...like Mekkah, and we should spreciate that!

viryavan dasa, Boston

Simha Gaura dasa, Czarnów

Vikram Ramsoondur, Phoenix, Mauritius
Sri Vrndavana-dhama is accepted by Vaisnavas as being the earthly counterpart to the eternal spiritual kingdom of Radha-Krishna, who are understood to be THE foremost manifestation of God by their worshippers. It thus seems only just and logical that this holy town is afforded the coveted status of featuring in the list of World Heritage Sites. Please let it happen. Thank you.

Waldemar Wingert, Kowary, Polska
Gaura Gauranga

franco venegas robles, santiago

monica salazar sotomayor, santiago


Andrea Muñoz, Antofagasta Chile
Buena Suerte

melisa, medellin-colombia

xxxxxxxx, Dolice

xxxxxxxx, Dolice

xxxxxxxx, Dolice

Evelyn Leon, Merida-Venezuela
No podemos dejar pasar frente a nuetros ojos la oportunidad de proteger nuestro ambiente...No hay mas tiempo...Maraca la diferencia.

Eva, Buenos Aires
Om Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu

daniel lopez, santiago

mirna ponce gallardo, santiago

Matias Muñoz, Santiago, Chile

Jorge raul sena, santiago de chile

Virginia paz Valdivia valenzuela, santiago de chile

xxxxxxxx, Spreitenbach
Please save the Yamuma. She is the most frequented place of pilgrimage in Braj.

ricardo Lan, Antofagasta

Fernanda Roca, Antofagasta

Claudia Campillay, Antofagasta
Viva lo natural

Neris Maldonado, Alta Gracia, Argentina

Daniela Leyendo, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Rajeev Prabhakar, Aston PA

gysella cañizares n., quito ecuador
Que todo sea para mejor y mejor!!

Fredy Cuellar Duarte, Bogotá Colombia

gouranga seva, antofagasta

Kuba, Warsaw

Sárközi József, Balatonboglár,HUNGARY
Krisna jóváhagyása nélkül 1 fűszál sem mozdulhat!!Gondoltak már erre?????Hari

xxxxxxxx, Cambridge

lidia larios, mexico df
esta peticion es algo muy especial, la oportunidad de luchar por algo que es un patrimonio para la humanidad, algo que beneficiara y realzara el espiritu de muchas personas al ver su resultado,,,,espero senores de la unesco hagan caso de esta humilde peticion ,protejer lo sagrado

Rafaela Smanioto, Florianópolis

devotos valledupar, valledupar colombia
srila BHAKTIVINODA THAKURA dice : Sri vrindavan y sus alrededores despiertan mis recuerdos de KRSNA tan intensamente ;ellas me sostienen, porque me incentivan a aceptar la conciencia de KRSNA ,ellos me ayudan y me estimulan en diferentes aspectos hacia la conciencia de KRSNA . cualquier cosa que yo vea alli, (la morada en los bosques de la riveras de Sri Radha Kunda, la santa colina Govardhan, las orillas del santo rio yamuna, el lago kusuma sarovara,el lugar de la danza del rasa) me recuerdan en una forma dulce, llevandome hacia la concepcion Krsna y el Krsna lila esparciendo nectar en mi corazon. si tengo que separarme de ellos, entonces abandonare mi existencia.ellos estan en todo mi alrededor;ellos me estan dando vida y entusiasmandome. !que dulce contribucion me ofrecen todas estas cosas! !Krsna esta muy cerca de mi! sin ellos yo moriria.semejante belleza. todos estos objetos me estan llevando directamente hacia la conciencia de krsna con la velocidad del rayo hacia sus asociados y sus pasatiempos con ellos ese es un nectar continuo y vendra a mi.

ian paul lee, sheffield, uk

Jörg Eichner, Berlin

Heidi Löw, Tägerwilen/CH

adriana vizcarra, Peru
He leído muchos libros que hablan de Vrindavan como un lugar divino y sagrado fuente de la espiritualidd, debe ser cierto porque ha inspirado a grandes almas y sigue siendo fuente de inspiracion. Las autoriades de la India tienen una enorme responsabilidad de velar por su conservación y nosotros se lo exijimos.

janet adriana moreno, Peru
No tengo la suerte de conocer Vrindavan, pero se que es un lugar maravilloso, el gobierno Indu debe preservarlo.

Katherine Alvarez, Barranquilla

angie Donoso, Bogota

Fabio Alfonso, Bogota
Me parece muy bueno que promueban ese tipo de posiciones ecologicas, por medio de firmas.. que no ocurra el el desvio del rio.

Rodrigo Palma Aravena, Santiago

Balasingam, Sydney,Australia
Please list this site as one of World Heritage Sites for everybody's benefit

cesar gonzalez, bogotá

sandra aguirre, bogota

luis e beltran, bogota

oscar mejia g, bogota
i will prey for your holy river and your peace

Cristian Cortes, bogota
Yamuna Ki!! Jay!

alixzon cortes, bogota
unanse a la causa! saquen el cadaver de su plato ;)

benjamin gutierrez, mexico df.

cristian hernandez, medellin colombia
amemos a la naturaleza ella nos proporciona vida

elias vazquez garcia, apizaco tlaxcala
que se respete la biodiversidad indu

Robin B., gothenburg
Love and peace to Vrindavan

syama kunda, Quito

vijay das, bogota
claro , que lo mejor es que lo cuiden es patrimonio de la espiritualidad ,

marco antonio palacios, mexico df
en apoyo a esta causa de proteger un patrimonio cultural de la humanidad

liz, Bogota
Por favor salvemos los lugares sagrados.

janaky devi dasi, bogota
por favor protejan y cuiden el sitio del amor divino

sri rukmini kanta, bogota
hay preservar a vrindavan por que es uno de los lugares mas hermosos y puros del mundo

Siri Atma Kaur Khalsa, santiago de Chile

maria del carmen, mexico d.f
conservemos los lugares sagrados por favor paren las construcciones en los rios sagrados para un futuro cultural de nuestros nietos y toda la humanidad .

ricardo hernandez, santiago de Chile

Virginia Molina C., Santiago, Chile
Me sumo a las oraciones por este lugar sagrado y toda nuestra Madre Tierra

Carolina Cornejo, santiago de Chile

Harimohan das, Berlin
Jaya Sri Radhe! Hello my name is Harimohan.


Helena Santic-Richter, berlin

gonzalo manjarrez, mexico df
pretendo con esto aportar un granito de arena en contra de la urbanizacion y en pro de los lugares sagrados.

Magalli, Ocaña. N.S Colombia
Todos y todas unidos y unidas para salvar el Planeta

Valeria Weinhardt, Hungary/Kiskunhalas

Patricio labrin, santiago de Chile

Daniela darat, santiago de Chile

Jim Bate, Thousand Oaks, CA USA

Alejandra Benazir Durán Ortiz, México D.F
Toma conciencia y protege el sitio del amor

Consuelo Natalia Figueroa, santiago de Chile

elba hernandez, valledupar -colombia
cuidemos nuetra madre tierra.

Teresa Kondratowicz, Wolomin Polska

Mangala Swami, São Paulo

xxxxxxxx, Medellin-colombia
Vrindavana es la ciudad de krisna,cuidemosla para que nuestros hijos puedan conocer eeste maravilloso lugar.Gracias guru maharaja por tu lucha

Franchesca flores, santiago de Chile

danielle gerber, são paulo

Victoria targanoa carrillo, santiago de Chile

gurumantra das, antofagasta
Vrindavana ki jay

Małgorzata Daleka, Warsaw

Rene casas rivera, Santiago de Chile

Karina Babkiewicz, Warsaw, Poland

Andrzej Babkiewicz, Warsaw, Poland

Mary Fredholm, Gotheburg, Sweden

donny ahumada, santiago

paulina valdes otarola, santiago

maria fernanda fuentes, santiago

Cecilia Villaseca, santiago

Tomas Guajardo Lagos, santiago

Natalia Morales, santiago

Muriel Gallardo, santiago

Rodrigo Aliaga Villena, santiago

Fanny Roman Fernandez, santiago

Hernan Sanchez, santiago

Virginia Spidee Lotos, santiago

Valencia Sagredo, santiago

Pablo Benitez, santiago

Raquel Fuentes, santiago

Hernan Rojas, santiago

Elias Vidaurre, santiago

Sergio F. Robledo, santiago

Gouri Rogers, santiago

Jhannyo Mauricio Leon, santiago

Didier Garcia Araya, santiago

yugala rogers, santiago

cynthia sanchez, Santiago

maria paz miles roa, Santiago, Chile

diana queralto mena, Santiago

victoria robles p., Santiago, Chile

cristian muñoz soto, Santiago, Chile

ninoska ramirez, Santiago, Chile

jose miguel tagle, Santiago

claudio silva, Santiago

ricol, Santiago

ximena cepeda, santiago

Eduardo Arias, santiago

Anibal Nimon Sandoval, Santiago de Chile

Alejandro, Santiago


Antonio Vidal, Santiago

Maria Paula Silva, Santiago

Monica Solani Rodriguez, santiago

Hector Enrrique Muñoz, santiago


Nicolas Guilermo Mur Navia, santiago

valentina fernandez, viña del mar, chile
respetemos y cuidemos la tierraa!!!!! es lo que le dejamos a nuestros hijos.... Respeto a lo que nos da vida!!!!!!!

Helena Vélez, Bogotá

Kamala sundari, Santiago de Chile
Let`s save Vrindavan and Yamuna River for our children, grandchrildren and generations to come. STOP THE CONSTRUCTION OF THE BRIDGE!!!! PLEASE!!!!

Daniel, New York
yes India is a Divine Heritage: Let's not disturbe the peace that has been nurturing the people spirits for so long ago! Let's throw down the Babilon.

Juan Rodriguez, San Juan, Puerto Rico

xxxxxxxx, Santiago de Chile
respeten los lugares sagrados.. son patrimonio cultural de la humanidad =D

Ricardo Cevallos, Guayaquil, Ecuador

Gabriel Pompar, Mar del Plata

Jairo España, Bogota

Harold Acosta, Cali
Rspetemos los sitios sgrados, se ve que no es necesario construir el puente, por eso nos oponemos

Paula Barrera Rico, Bogotá, Colombia
Respeto por la Madre Tierra

balaram das barrientos cepeda, Chile
todos unidos por vrindavan

Cyril Wohrer, los angeles
It is the duty of the Indian government to do this. But it is too busy with corruption.

WAGNER RODRIGUES ALVES, são paulo-brasil

Pablo Cardoso, Cuenca, Ecuador

eduardo sobrosa, Florianópolis
I would Like to see the Vrindavana place and the Yamuná River preserved as natural Human monument !!! thank You.

ananta deva dasa, Chile
from here, Vina del Mar, Chile, we will be giving everything
our hearts. by our heritage, the heritage of

Krisztina Papp, Somogyvámos Hungary

Carlos Yoder, Ajdovscina

Sivakumar, Chennai
In this material world, spiritualism stem out of India. On this very land, Vrindavan is supremely special. Indians know not the true value of its land. Had Vrindavan be there in United States or in Western World, they would have better protected with ultra care. This 5000+ year old ancient spiritual city SHOULD be PROTECTED from local government manipulations in the name of development. This destruction moves by indian government is possible only by declaring this as one of important World (asset) Heritage Site. Please visit yourself to see the importance of the place. Local government dont realize the value of its 5000+ year old heritage. Please Declare this immediately Sir.

EDITH, tulancingo hidalgo
rio yamuna ki jaya

xxxxxxxx, Medellin

xxxxxxxx, Sao Paulo - Brazil
Please preserve our pilgrimage places. Please ...

lEONARDO rAPOSO, Asuncion, Paraguay
Modern society can not benefit from this modern, clear moral and historical culture of mankind, the financial benefits can not be above the culture, history, the treasures of human civilization.
who prefer jumpers instead of world heritage, are but short-sighted, are beings devoid of culture, logic and human identity.
even compare them to animals who are in their most noble exencia these individuals.

I join the movement to preserve the historical culture of India and of humanity

xxxxxxxx, São Paulo-SP
Respect the nature and the traditional cultural.

daniel cantor, bogota

andrea tilaguy tellez, bogota

alfonso silva, medellin

claudia milena pabon, bogota

carlos nicolas olveja, bogota

alejandro duran velasco, bogota

juan sebastianarbelaez, bogota

melinda ubilla, concepcion

zukio, medellin-colombia

jorge rodas, medellin-colombia

Luz María Villarruel Ponce, Mexico
Apoyen porfavor para proteger el Santo Dham
lugar donde Sri Krishna realizo Sus pasatiempos trascendentales para beneficio de todo el mundo.

Bh Tom, Lobez

manuel, medellin-colombia

catalina, medellin-colombia

erica janneth ceballos, medellin-colombia

xxxxxxxx, concepcion
uf por fin se puede juntar las firmas yo creo quecon el poder de la fe podemos mas que sacara a todoa esa lacra que quiere destrozar los lugares sagrados no lo hagannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

Tomasz Czajczyc, Olsztyn

Ramananda Das, Palhoça/SC-Brazil

Elena Gatica, Santiago, Chile

Luis Andrés Touron, Mexico
Please let the spirit breathe in owr hearts
humans are meant to be friends of God
not catle of money... I pray for all the hearts
that are destroying in order to open the love

xxxxxxxx, concepcion
todos por la misma causa hermnos

xxxxxxxx, ecuador
tenemos que preservar la vida de la raza humana protegiendo su habitad

david solis, Santiago, Chile

Eduardo González, Santiago

Josue Calleja, Mexico city
We must respect our land as our ancestors did and teach the new generations to preserve our planet as beings from this earth.

Paola Barreda, Arequipa - Perú

Marek Łepkowski, Krakow, Poland
Vrindavan/Brajamandal is the ancient craddle of the oldest theistic religious tradition of great and beautiful teachings and precepts. It'd be by all means justified to protect this Holy Land by awarding it the UNESCO status.

Isolt Lea, Micanopy

Jarosław Suszyński, Szczecin Poland
Jay Sri Krishna Caitanya Sankirtana Movement!

xxxxxxxx, São Paulo, Brasil

Gour Mohan Das Adhikari, Medellin-Colombia
Es el futuro de la humanidad que estos lugares sigan siendo puros..... :)

Szávai Ágnes, Budapest

Szávai Gábor, Budapest
It is a shame, Kali yuga is rolling...

Jagadananda Dasa, Argentina
¡Hare Krishna!

xxxxxxxx, Budapest
Hare Krishna!

xxxxxxxx, Velke Kapusany

Cristian Sanhueza, Temuco, Chile

miguel rico, bogota

Jhon Ney Betancourt Franco, Cartagena
Alterar los lugares sagrados es no entender su importancia para el mundo. Sri Vrindavan Dham Ki! Jay!

Radhe, Arequipa-Perú
Ayudemos a Vrndavan, a nuestro querido guru, a Krsna, om santi om

Raghunath das, Czarnów

josue, medellin-colombia

gomez, medellin-colombia

pablo, medellin-colombia

walmave, medellin-colombia

Esteban Olivares, Santiago de Chile

Subodh Sangar, Jamestown, North Carolina

willinton, medellin-colombia

sadhu, medellin-colombia

estefany, medellin-colombia

maitily devi dasi, medellin-colombia

Stefania, Messina (Italy)
Please save Vrindavan Heritage.

Luisa Becerra, Colombia

nathalie montozon, bogota

jaime sierra, bogota

andres mauricio arango conde, colombia

Diana Marcela López Sarasa, Manizales, Colombia

julian Vega, Bogotá

fabian andres barrera arcila, Bogota
save the earth

juan manuel de castro, Buenos Aires

xxxxxxxx, quito, ecuador

xxxxxxxx, colombia

xxxxxxxx, madellin - colombia
please save vrindabannn

Rsabhadev Das, San Fernando, Curico, Talca, San Javier, Linares, Parral, San Carlos, Chillan/Chile
Quiero ir a Vrndavana¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡ y agradecer a esta hermosa Personalidad por entregar su Inmaculada Belleza y Refugio Trascendental al resto del Planeta, sin Ella y los Santos que la sirven y proteguen, este planeta no soportaria ni un minuto mas el dolor que el hombre envidioso y oxidado le entrega....Muchas mas generaciones desearan tomar refugio y agradecer a Vrndavana + todos los lugares sagrados el permitirles el acceso al Amor Divino ¡¡¡¡ el verdadero objeto de esta vida......!!!!!!!!!Paren la Destruccion de Vrndavana¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡

Imola Molnar, Budapest

Julio Castro, Bogotá

hari das, puebla mejico
salvemos pues estos lugares de semejantes aberraciones politicas y partidarias q denigran el interes puro del proceso del amor universal

xxxxxxxx, São Paulo / SP - Brasil
Shanti Loha, Shanti!!! Om..

Szalma Róbert, Nandagram das., Hungary, Szeged
Yamuna ki jay, Vrindavan ki jay

Bank Tibor, Budapest

Béla Miklós, Gera, Hungary, Budapest
Save the Sacred River Yamuna!

Gandharvika Prema Dasi, Budapest

xxxxxxxx, sydney

Ron White, Denver

Madhumati Malini d.d., Budapest!
WE HAVE TO STOP THEM!!!! It's part of the mission of Lord Caitanya ,to save the Holy places !!!

Terkadhamba Devi Dasi, Envigado Antioquia Colombia

Birendra Dharmaraja, Caracas
It's the sacred Ganges. People have to respect that!

Abhinandan Chougule, San Jose, California
More awareness is required in India to avoid river pollution. There are many rivers,such as Yamuna, Ganges, Krishna...etc. which are highly polluted due to industral and city waste disposal. Government should apply strict rules to prohibit river pollution. Rivers are considered as "mother" in Indian culture. It is time to think and act against such pollution otherwise what our next generation will think about polluted rivers and about us?
Hare Krishna!

Nitia Lila devi dasi, Cali - Colombia
Vrindavna es hermosa así como está

xxxxxxxx, Loja

victor mendoza castillo, Lima
Vrindavan santuario sagrado de toda la humanidad

Astrid Neiff, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Radha Priya, Warsaw, Poland
Save Vrindavan!
Radhe Radhe

cinmayidevi, greensboro

Rakk Zsuzsa, Nemesvamos, Hungary

lila bhakti dd, México D.F.
De los pocos sitios en este planeta de los cuales el ser humano puede obtener beneficios espirituales este es el principal una invitacion a conocer una bella y rica cultura tengan apertura y obtendran sus beneficios ,usen sus medios para preservar este lugar que es sumamente especial.
Gracias Hare Krsna

Tejasvit das, Mexico City
Es un signo de la influencia de Kali,debemos de estar UNIDOS,para serbir de manera mas eficaz

Romero Emiliano, mexico city

Schiffrich Orsolya, Pécs
I hope that I can help with my sign

xxxxxxxx, Lima

xxxxxxxx, santiago, chile

Jayasri devi dasi, Kaposvár
Save Yamuna, save Vrindavana, the holy place of Sri Krishna's pastimes!

Radha Vallabha das, Kaposvár
Why is catastrophe, like Haiti and Cunami? Becouse the leader of people can't appraise the force of nature.

Zoltan Hosszu, Somogyvamos

Faltusz Andrea, Budapest
Hare Krisna!

Gourangi dd, Sao Paulo

dhiraj hegde, Bangalore

László Hatvani, Gudakesa das, Hungary, Nagykőrös
Jaya Radha-Madhava

radha-madhava kuńja-bihari
gopi-jana-vallabha giri-vara-dhari
jasoda-nandana, braja-jana-rańjana,

Balázs Gergely, Budapest

Zoltan Bencz, Veresegyhaz, Hungary
Protecting of sacral places is an issue of global importance. Please protect Yamuna river.

Matyas Mero, Budapest
Don't destroy your thousand (actually, million) years' old civilisation for momentary gains.

Sanjay Parekh, London

Swami B.A. Harijan, Nandafalva, Hungary
I visit every year Sri Vrindavan dham with lots of people from Hungary. Absolutely must be part of World heritage

Csiba Katalin, Budapest

xxxxxxxx, Budapest
Save the Sacred River Yamuna! HARE KRISNA!

Kornel Gy., Budapest

xxxxxxxx, Budapest
Hare Krisna

Anadhir Adir Govinda das, Spain
Please, respect sacred places

Narendran Keeramkulangara, Houston

Neil Desai, Houston, Texas
On behalf of those of us who cherish our culture and heritage, please take the time to understand what this bridge and the associated repercussions will do to the holy land and its surroundings. It will forever alter the ambience of the holy places and disrupt thousands of years of heritage.

Hundreds of thousands of inidividuals visit these holy places every year in hopes of rekindling our relationships with the Supreme. The environment of the region means so much and disruption of this would be detrimental to the spiritual progress of so many.

Thank You

Jhonatan Fonseca, Quito

xxxxxxxx, Miami
UNESCO, please give the heritage status for this unique place in the world. thanks.

reshma jhaveri, quito,ecuador

Monica, Mexico D.F.
Este rio sagrado debe ser protegido y ser considerado como patrimonio de la humanidad!!! Posee un gran valor incalculable! esa construccion lo unico que provocara es un desastre tanto ecologico como cultural!

Rio Yamuna ki Jay!!!

buiatti daniela, mayapur
at list vrndavana as to be preserved!

Chavet Marc, santiago de Chile

Pablo Navarro, Santiago de Chile

Paulina Ramírez, San Diego-USA
No conozco aún estos sitios sagrados Río Yamuna y Vrindavan pero he escuchado que son una fuente inagotable de Milagros Increíbles y Bendiciones Divinas, por eso me uno a esta noble causa.

xxxxxxxx, Quito-Ecuador
A toda la humanidad un mensaje de amor y esperanza, por favor protejamos nuestros divinos guardianes en este mundo: Río Yamuna y Vrindavan Dham!!!

xxxxxxxx, Bogotá
Yo firmo ...

Jayadeva Dasa (BTS), NJ, USA

Gopinath Das, Medellin

Merced Gonzáles, Stgo

Satyam, Buenos Aires - Argentina
Satyam Shivam Sundaram. Estos lugares representan a la Verdad, la cual es Hermosa y Auspiciosa, y por ende debemos cuidarlos y protejerlos. Desde Satyam nos unimos a esta peticion, para que Sri Vrindavan dham sea por siempre considerado patrimonio cultural y espiritual de toda la humanidad:)

Brihat Sloka Das, Vancouver- Canada
Lo sagrado es pertenencia del mundo entero, basta con el abuso y destrucción de vrindavan. Me uno a la causa por defender vrindavan Patrimonio histórico y espiritual.

Jivanadevi, Buenos Aires - Argentina
Me uno a esta peticion, para que Sri Vrindavan Dham y todos los demas sitios sagrados sean considerados Patrimonios de la Humanidad. Muchas gracias:)

Imlitala Devi Dasi, Lima
we need to conserve this sants places Vrindavan please save the sants on Vrindavan

xxxxxxxx, Kecskemét (Hungary)

Sabrina Belleggia, Buenos Aires
La union de fuerzas, pensamiento y sentimientos puede hacer todo posible.
Un lugar Tan especial como Sri Vrindavan Dhan no puede dejar de ser reconocido por quienes son vosotros... Pedimos oidos, porque amamos nuestro hogar... Om santi Om

krishna kanti dd, Stgo, Chile
Vrindavan nos necesita, apoyo la causa, me uno por apoyar los lugares sagrados,

mayapur vihari das, buenos aires
please dont make the bridge

José Sandoya, Guayaquil, Ecuador
Estoy de acuerdo que Vrindavan sea patrimonio de la humanidad, no podemos permitir que se destruya este lugar sagrado dondo el Señor Krishna hizo sus pasatiempos... porfavor pasen la voz para recolectar mas firmas.
Hare Krishna

Macarena Cortés, Santiago
Cuidemos la Tierra de Krishna

Stéphane Devauchelles, Paris
Hare Krishna !

Nancy Gómez G., Bogota-Colombia Suramerica
Please Save Vrindavan

Fernando Caceres (balaram das), valparaiso (Chile)
lo principal en la vida es conservar la sabiduria que contiene nuestro entorno , es inaceptable que destruyan lugares que pueden entregar tanto como vrindavan, yamuna y todo lo que se pueden imaginar ...me uno en este proceso ...

Milind Joshi, Toronto, Canada
If Vrindavan & Brajmandal are not world heritage sites, then one wouldn't know what else could ever qualify.

xxxxxxxx, san antonio, chile

Bogotá D.C Colombia, Bogotá
There will be a meditation in each of the cultural centers of the city during the whole day. Apart from that a event with musical presentations and the participation of various groups, like ecologists, envirnomentalists and animal protectionists, as well as conscious artists, dances, theater and performance will take place in the Park Lourdes (with stage and sound) from 3:00 p. m. at 10:00 p. m.

This is a worldwide event with the purpose to support the promotion of the saced village of Vrindavan, India, into cultural and historical heritage of humanity.

We hope that a large number of citizens of the capital will be present, including personalities from all walks of national life (art, culture, politics, religion, media, etc.).. In this way we hope that our cause will spread and that many will be part of this agenda, thereby contributing to the preservation of sacred and historical places of pilgrimage and tourisms.

Various activities will be carried out on this day with the aim to demonstrate the importance of Vrindavan and its universal integrity to all the people.

Television channels RCN and Caracol will be covering the event. Likewise other media, such as print and radio will join this global cause.

eka rabello, chile
Hare Krsna,

xxxxxxxx, Vrindavan

Danielle Del Río Rizo, Mexico City
Se deben conservar estos lugares por el significado y su tracendencia aparte de ser sagrados... Me uno

Kaveri Devi Dasi, Sydney


Jill Peebles, Lawrence, KS USA

clara gallardo, Buenos Aires
Estos lugares sagrados, sin duda deben conservar su pureza y ser valorados, y porsupuesto considerados patrimonios de la humanidad. Apoyo este pedido, me uno a esta peticion.

xxxxxxxx, antiago

vraja, rio de janeiro
please have respect and dont build the bridge

Meish G, San Diego
If Vrindavan Dham isnt a world's heritage of sacred history what is!! It definitely should become one!

juan ortega, santiago

Laura Bonelli, BsAs, Argentina.
Me uno a esta peticion, para que se conserven estos lugares sagrados y sean patrimonio de toda la humanidad!

Gopala Ananda, Cologne
Vrindavana ki Jaya
Jaya sri Radhe.....

Krisna Nusandhana, Bogota

andrea, chile

xxxxxxxx, fusagasuga,Colombia
me uno al clamor para que vrindavana sea declarado patrimonio historico y cultural de la humanidad y para que los lugares sagrados sean tratados con el respeto que se merecen y sean preservados como joyas culturales y espirituales,SRI VRINDAVANA DHAMA KI JAYYYY.

xxxxxxxx, Quito-Ecuador
Por favor que toda la humanidad hagamos lo posible por mantener intactos los Sagrados Lugares de Peregrinaje, son los únicos puntos de conexión y amor divinos que tenemos

David Meadows, Dayton, OH

Disha Hawley, Curepipe
Would you please, consider about putting Vrindavan in the world heritage book? Thank you.

Josh Hawley, Curepipe
Please add most important site in the world to the World Heritage status.

Antardvip d.A., Berlin Germany
Vrindavana is such a sacred place, so mystical and merciful, that all we can do is to pray for its blessing. Please, do not contaminate this place and pray that Sri Sri Radha and Krishna bless us to one day serve this sanctuary.

Sakhya Das, Medellin, Colombia
Proteger estos ríos o lugares sagrados es nuestra obligación, muchas mas generaciones viene n y es nuestra obligación darles la posibilidad que conozcan esta parte de la historia y de la humanidad.
Este rio no solo es un afluente de agua, por allí corre gran parte de nuestra historia y humanidad, por favor protejámoslo, de lo contrario será un atentado terrorista contra nosotros y las generaciones venideras.

xxxxxxxx, Portland
Please Save Sri Vrindavan dham and the Sacred River Yamuna!

lalita Devi Dasi, Bogota

xxxxxxxx, New York, NY

Parvati Markus, Beverly Hills

Monika Molis, Wrocław
Please make this beautiful and unique place a World Heritage Site. It is a shame that it was not done ages ago.

Cori Churdar-Wilejto, Bangkok, Thailand
I have been visiting Vrindavan for more than 15 years as a tourist, and am surprised that this beautiful place is not already listed. Let's save the wonderful town and all the historical temples!

Sonia De Leon, Monterrey

Hari, Córdoba

marcela gil beltrán, colombia
apoyo de todo corazón esta gran causa

Rikin Patel, St. John\\'s, Canada


Saraswati Devi Dasi, Medellin

maria, auckland

xxxxxxxx, Arequipa-Perú
Como ciudadano empleado y contribuyente, facultado en opinar ysolicitar, digo, los paisajes naturales, construciones etc. son considerados como monumentos históricos, mas aun si tienen un significado cultural o religioso, los mismos que son protejidos y deberan serlos por las intituciones arqueológicas mas notables e importantes internacionales, que es para el presente caso se debe de respetar la ciudad sagrada tal como se hace con otras ciudades con caracter histórico religioso e impedir la construcción del puente de fierro y cemento sobre el Rio Sagrado en la ciudad de Vrindavan, asimismo declararla a ésta ciudad como patrimonio cultural y religioso a nivel mundial, como una ves mas lo refiero, rica y llena de historia e inclusive la mas antigua de estos tiempos. Solicito igualdad en atención a que no discriminen comparando con otras ciudades, Vrisndavan es un lugar sagrado visitado por miles de santos del mundo entero.
Este es mi opinión, agradesco la atención y consideración.

María Joya, Mérida, Venezuela

Alex Grasso, Santiago

estefania pardo rivera, colombia
vrindavan is the pratrimony for the humans

Satvata dasa, Rio de janeiro/ Brazil

Patricio Maya, Arica
Por favor protejan estos lugares que son un patrimonio cultural irremplazables en el mundo no privemos las generaciones venideras de conocer estos hermosos lugares. GRACIAS

juan manuel rico g, bogota-colombia

Gour Govinda Das, Granada-Colombia
Señores UNESCO, les pedimos humildemente su ayuda para la conservación de Vrindavan, lugar Sagrado por exelencia, para que el abuso de los gobiernos actuales y futuros no se presente alli. Por el bienestar de las futuras generaciones y por amor a nuestra Madre Tierra, solicitamos su generosa ayuda!:)

William D. Tansey, Mumbai
Vrindavan is a spiritual place and today people from around the world are visiting there. Why shouldn't there be protection and special status for such and ancient and important Holy Place. The Taj Mahak is being protected and Vrindavan is on less important thus it should be protected. If some planning goes into Vrindavan you would see the Whole World will start coming there.

Himavati Devi Dasi, Chile

Paulina Pulgarín, Medellin, Colombia

Matdel Carmona, Medellin (Colombia)
Porque merecemos conservar las tradiciones y los lugares sagrados, porque los que vienen merecen disfrutar de la paz y la tranquilidad que brinda este lugar. Por Vrindavan!

jagattarini dasi, Swan valley Australia
I strongly agree with the idea to preserve the authenticity of this spiritual atmosphere for future generations.

eliel huinca, santiago, chile

Jayanti devi dasi, Santiago
save the sacred places, save the connection with the spiritual world!!

Andrés Fernando Galeano Osorio, Manizales, Caldas, Colombia

xxxxxxxx, santiago
recovered the culture of all the world,or else will be lost for ever and more the time passed the historiesa will be not the true

jerfo, armenia
hopping my signature works for all of us

Jhanvi, FL
Pls. vrindavan is an amazing place at any COST it should not be destroyed. Jai Shri Krishna!!!!!!!!!

Ankit, Canada
Vrindavan is such a holy place. I visited it once and cannot wait to visit it again it was a wonderful experince. I truly felt Lord krishna there I came back but my heart is still there. I just wish that devi yamuna would be saved from the sinners that are planing to build a bridge. I don't want to lose such a beautiful place of my lord krishna. HARIBOL!

bhakti kumud das, coruña, españa

Sunita, Toronto
Hare Krishna!

Aditi, Toronto
Yamuna devi needs to be protected at all costs!! Haribol

Lila Manjari, Cali - Colombia

hans Schuffeneger, Concepcion-Chile
One World, one heart, we're gathering our efforts to make the world a sacred place everywhere!!

Academia Vaisnava Mexico, Mexico
Senores de la UNESCO porfavor protejan estos lugares que son un patrimonio cultural irremplazables en el mundo no privemos las generaciones venideras de conocer estos hermosos lugares.

Lucia Gonzales, Mexico
Ayudenos a proteger los lugares sagrados

Erika Rocio Botello, cucuta- Colombia

xxxxxxxx, San Francisco

Jorge Andres Soto Molina, Medellin - Colombia
Hari bol.

xxxxxxxx, bogota

xxxxxxxx, KUALA LUMPUR

Jatin Bhandari, Toronto

xxxxxxxx, Toronto
Please understand the importance of a land like Vrindavan. It is Lord Krsna's land where He performed so any pastimes. It is non different fr Krsna and we do not deface Krsna

xxxxxxxx, Toronto

vihari nandini d.d., santiago

xxxxxxxx, Cartagena

Rishi Luthra, Toronto
Vrindavan is filled with History in every corner, its truly an enchanting place.

Shashi Shetty, Toronto
Please save Vrindavan

xxxxxxxx, arica

Victor Jara Rivera, la serena, chile
Let´s do what we have to do, save our Holly Dhama!
A bridge over the sacred Yamuna River? Who ever thought of such a disrespectful thing to do!
Let´s pray Krsna gives us His mercy.

Yury Sánchez, Medellín, Colombia

Tatiana Sánchez, Medellín, Colombia

Alok Vajpeyi, New Delhi

xxxxxxxx, Guadalajara Spain

Abril S.L., DF
Devotees or not Devotees simply Vrindavan it´s an important and sacred place to feel Krisna.We have to respect the environment and give our support to all citizens.

Dhanustitrtha, México
Vrindavan is the most important, ancient and sacred place in India for these reasons it´s very important to maintain this beautiful environment. Please listen our request!

Panca Pandava Das, Jalandhar

lajjarani devi dasi, Portland, OR

Francisco Medina, Madrid
Por favor, respeten lo sagrado, pues Krsna les premiará con un puente de oro. Haribol.

Vijeta Dasa, Nelson, B.C.

maria Chiriboga, Quito-Ecuador
Respeto a los RIos Sagrados. No se los destruya con cemento y hierro.

Rahul Singh Rana, Faridabad
We as the devotees our supreme duty and "KARMA" should be that of saving our environment at any cost.

Balaji, NY, NY
Hare Krishna,
Please preserve the sanctity of this holy place and do not allow the forces of power and money disturb its purity. India is a huge country and Vrindavan is a very important place to have to deal with commercialization and its ill effects.
Only money can not make us happy, human life needs much more than that!

Kamalavati dasi, Wheeling

Satish More, Athens, OH
Vrindavan is the Birth place and pastime place of Krishna!!! The most famous of Indian Gods!!! He is the embodiment of love, compassion, enjoyment and liberation. Please do not spoil it!!! Would you spoil Mecca or the Vatican??

Maria Camila, Medellín, Colombia
Sacreds places around the world should be protect! It's our riches and legate from humanity

Gopi Gita Devi Dasi, Lima-peru
Please stop

gopal prema dd, bogota
Please, We protector to Vrindavan, this is the land of the love for Sri Krsna, ours races of the love.

visaka priya devi dasi,

Ekaya, Antwerpen
We have to save Vrindavana
Ekaya das Antwerpen Belgium

xxxxxxxx, Salzburg
PLEASE wake up and preserve what is left, foster sensitivity in people´s heart and PLEASE stop offending HOLY RIVERS!

Jonathan García, Bogotá, Colombia

rodrigo diaz, santigo de chile

Krishna G. Banerjee, Basking Ridge, NJ, USA
Vrindavan is one of the holiest places for all Hindus both inside and outside Bharat Bhumi. It has so much historic, cultural and spiritual significance. Please preserve this Dham for future generations and place it in the list for World Heritage Sites.

Sundar Ananda das, Edison, NJ, USA
Please stop this destruction of Krishna's holy dham - let's preserve the sanctity of what's left to help attain our ultimate goal of God-consciousness.
Hare Krishna!

xxxxxxxx, Tucson

xxxxxxxx, lima, peru

Gokularanjana das, Baños Tungurahua Ecuador
The best place on te earth is Vrindavan.

Mahaprabhu Nijensohn, Los Angeles California USA
This ancinet and most sacred of Holy places has been the destination of Hindu pilgrams for thousands of years. People from all walks of life come from all over the world to congregate and worship God at the Jamuna river and in the many temples which reside in this incredibly special place. We humbly ask that UNESCO recognize Vrindavan as a World Heritage Site so that it will be preserved for future generations and the whole world.

xxxxxxxx, bogota COLOMBIA
jay jay Vrindavana land of the Lord Krsna!

Sadhu Dasanudasa, Miami, Florida - USA
This initiative would surely dignify the idea of "One (GOD) World Order."

Ricardo Palleres, Catania, Sicily, ITALY
A place like Vrindavana Dhama, which is quoted in the Vedas as the place where the transcendental pastimes of the Supreme Identity of Love, Sri Krishna take place, and inspire millions of pilgrims, without any doubts should be considered as World's Heritage.

Sadhu Dasa, Mayapur, West Bengal
As a place considered by an ever increasing amount of people, as "the Window to the Spiritual World," Sri Brajamandal and Sri Vrindavan merit much consideration by the whole of mankind.

Amadeo Andrade, Quito-Ecuador

Felipe Quiroz, Medellin,COL
We've to take care of this beautiful place

xxxxxxxx, Madrid
let's preserve this unvaluable treasure.

viska, bogota

madhumaty, Colombia

jagattarini dasi, Perth

Martha Leon, Medellin

Laura Lobera, Vantaa Finland

Prinsie Anke, Brugge

Dietrich Hanke, Hamburg, Germany

xxxxxxxx, Bangalore

Thomas Puta, Dresden/Germany

Paulina Chiriboga, Quito-Ecuador

Louis S. Bernier Jr., Dallas, Texas USA
The greatest DIS-service to Sri Krsna is to pollute the sanctity of His hometown by the adulteration of and destruction to its historical nature. To participate in this desecration reflects the convoluted nature of Kali's influence on those who are condemned to rebirth!

Govinda dasa, Vrindavana
No more materialistic culture in Braja, please!

xxxxxxxx, Santa Rosa de Cabal

Caitya Guru das, Santa Rosa de Cabal

Edwin Ortiz Gonzalez, Concepcion - Chile

Elizabeth Reyes-Fournier, Miami
I ask this for my children and their children.

sumathi arumugam, kuala lumpur malaysia
please save this place for our future generation of spiritual seekers, our children need need it the most... thank you!

Shantipur dasi, Alachua, FL

Sandra Ramirez C, Mexico City
Please help to preserve and protect Braja Vrindavana as a spiritiula world heritage

Radhapriya devi dasi, Austin

Aryuna Abhaycaran, cali - colombia

Carolina Munoz, Cali

Lourdes Dávila, México DF

Ratish Pillai, Dallas

Widiker Evgenij, Loerrach (Germany)

Jim Erwin,

Kitrian, Valparaíso. Chile
Un claro ejemplo de como el progreso material choca con el verdadero progreso del ser humano, el progreso espiritual.

jose luis aristizabal, medellin

Dayal Krsna Das, Portland

xxxxxxxx, Detroit
put Vrindavan in the World Heritage Foundation's list of sacred places like Mecca or the Vatican, which will help protect and clean up this holy city. This is a perfect opportunity to make a difference.

Praveen R. Punnam, Dallas, TEXAS USA
Please declare it as a World Heritage and Piligrimage Center. Preserve/protect the sanctity and improve the conditions of Vrindavan Dham.

xxxxxxxx, Lima
Please leave a space of purity in the world need Vrindavan holy land!!!

Romina Morello, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Visakha dd, Chile

William Tansey, Dallas, Texas USA
Vrindavan is a Holy place visited by hundreds of thousands every year and it is my sincerest hope and prayer that it will be added to the list of World Heritage Sites.

Chris Fici, New York City

Lorena Allen, Arica

Elena Bosneaga, Berkeley

Caroll Ramos Núñez, Arequipa

cecilia jimenez, Guayaquil
please keep vrindavan as it is

Yamuna Prasad, salt spring island BC, Canada
Sri Sri Guru Gauranga Gandharvika Giridhari Radha Vinoda Bihari Ju Ki Jai!

Michael Nisbet, Nelson,BC

Sandra, Buenos Aires

mahamantradas, Vancouver, BC, Canada
please keep me informed of any plans to develop or clean existing sites........especially the Yamuna rinver needs to be cleaned and preserved properly........why is the gov' t of INdia building a giant bridge in front of Kesi ghat, an historical site and monument of
Braja and displacing the flow of Yamuna, also,.....why?????

gopi priya, la paz

Mohini devi dasi, Medellin-Colombia
Vrindavan Dham Ki Jayyyyy

Isabel Loayza, Arica

xxxxxxxx, Sydney
I humbly request that the concerned authorities heed the above request, declaring Vrindavan a World heritage site worthy to be preseerved and respected globally as the sacred place of pilgrimage that it is.

If only we could measure the amount of pilgrims that visit Vrindavan and Braj Mandal each year and the place that it has in the hearts of Millions of Hindu's and Vaishnava's around the globe, leaving aside the 5000 year old Historical facts that the world finds hard to acknowledge, we can without doubt put it on the World Heritage list ASAP!
I was born in Vrindavan and know first hand the importance and significance it has for the Brajbasis (local residents) who put alot of Love into maintaining this holy, ancient city. Please join me in signing this petition. Radhe Shyam

Rosalie Malik, Roha
Vrindaban is the place of Lord Krishna"s pastimes . Please protect .

Jose Muñoz famoso, valencia spain

Gateen Patel, London

Andreas Kampf, Berlin
sri vrindavan dharm ki jaya

Fabian Gonzalez, Vancouver, Canada
We want Vrindavan!!!!!!!!!

Gopati Krsna Dasa, Seremban

satyarani devi dasi, pereira Colombia

Sabine Fleschutz, Nelson, BC, Canada

xxxxxxxx, Mumbai, India
we want vrindavan

Darren L., Orlando, FL
Jaya Vrindavan!

xxxxxxxx, Mumbai, India
pl save vrindavan

Janardana, Alachua, FL

xxxxxxxx, Hartford, CT
Please protect and preserve the sacred places of pilgrimage. Lord Sri Krishna walked on these soils and performed His pastimes with the Gopas and Gopies. Everything, EVERYTHING about these places is worshipable. Please do not commit such great sins by disturbing/destroying these holy places, this is my humble request.
Thank you!

Genevieve Rajoy, Quito

Linda Middlebrook Toronto, ON, Toronto, Ontario
This is a total insult to Vaishnava culture. Please respect this sacred Dham as a World Heritage site and stop the mutilation of the Jamuna river and Keshi Ghat.

Luisa Fernanda Sanchez Patiño, Colombia
Hay que Salvar el Yamuna!!!

Bhakti Roberto, Alachua, Florida

xxxxxxxx, New York City

Daniel Harris, Venice
vrindavan is a place of global significance, let us not deface her before the world learns this fact. let us not scar her. let us plan for a high class of town which is beautiful and intelligent as anyone in the world could understand the importance of vrindavan in the global heritage.

xxxxxxxx, Lima - Perú

xxxxxxxx, London
save our river

xxxxxxxx, Salt Spring Island B.C.

xxxxxxxx, New York

Terri Isabella Munro, Vancouver, BC
Our strength is only as good as the foundation we lay it upon. If we respect our land and the resources that grow there, then abundance can last and our strengths can grow. I sign this petition to strongly urge all government bodies, independent citizens, NGO's, corporate leaders and environmental organizations to take pride and protect this land and it's resources. It is not to late to sustain the land and if we work together the community capacity will inspire other communities to celebrate their surroundings and conserve them.

With my love,

Terri Isabella Munro,
Vancouver B.C.

Chandrakanta dasi, Kurtistown
I feel that it is necessary to serve our beloved Vrndavan dham. we have been using the land shaping it to our enjoyment, and it has a continuously detrimental effect on this holy land. We need to educate everyone involved who is interested in Vrndavan as either an economical opportunity or as a sacred and holy land, that the methods that we are currently employing, like more development, bad ecological choices such as plastic bags and garbage that is not biodegradable, moving to vrndavan and building comfortable houses there- all these things and more are actually ruining the future of it's economics, and the environment there. As a national treasure, Vrndavan should be protected and laws should be followed to preserve the unique living archeological city that it is.


Ivan Medina, Bogota, Colombia America del Sur

sreed, san francisco

Catherine Lummiss, Nelson, BC, Canada
Please give Vrindavan the protection from pollution and consummerism that it needs. The Earth is great because of India, India is great because of Vrindavan, Vridavan is great because of Radha and Krishna and Radha and Krishna are great because of Their Love. Please do what is respectful and Loving for Vrindavan.

govind sabat, CALIFORNIA

xxxxxxxx, Gainesville, FL

Harihara Das, Medellín, Colombia
tenemos que protejer el santo Dham...

we need to protect the holy Dham...

Fernando Rodríguez Torres, Imola, Bologna, Italy
Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada has made Vrindavana known and respected as a sacred place all over the World, now this gift to the mankind should be thorougly preserved, for the benefit of the whole World.

xxxxxxxx, Maryland, US

Rafael Basrea Gallardo, Fañabé-Adeje

xxxxxxxx, Hilo, Hawaii

xxxxxxxx, hilo,hi

Kristofer Patel, Forest Hills

John Roberge, Nanaimo, BC CANADA
This designation by UNESCO is vitally important to millions around the globe. The spiritual interests of humanity, being ancient and essential, must be given prority over the brief commercial interests of a very few.

alan zeko, san antonio TX
to know supreme personality of godhead sri krishna is not ordinary and only rare souls achieve that knowledge.
same for his land sri vrindavan.
by preserving sri vrindavan area this rare valuable gift to humanity - transcendental knowledge will be preserved.

"tell me where you are from and i will tell you about yourself."
krishna without vrindavan will remain even greater mystery.

Laura Fay Lewis, NYC

xxxxxxxx, Quito

jivana devi dasi, C. D Bogota
Vrindavan dham ki !! jaya

xxxxxxxx, Coimbatore
A sacred place where lord krishna conducted his pasttimes, the heritage should be preserved

xxxxxxxx, Hungary. Szeged
Yamuna ki jaya, Vrindavana ki jaya.

Andrés Eduardo Herrera, Bogotá. Colombia
Vrindavan in my prayer. World Heritage........=)

xxxxxxxx, Temuco- Chile

gonzalo merma, Arequipa - Peru

Jocelyne Yasomati Mulder, Abbotsford Canada

Jagaddhatri dd, Hilo, HI
Please do not allow this desecration of Sri Yamunaji;Vrndavana is a spiritual place of pilgrimmage and must be preserved for our future generatons..

Felicia Ford, Calgary, Alberta

Karl Mulder, Abbotsford, Canada
thank you for taking the time to do this wonderful service to Braja and the benefit of Krishna bhaktas worldwide


Caitanya Gabric, Sarajevo
save Vrinadavan,this is home of milions of people from all around the world

xxxxxxxx, medellin

Malati Hartley, Weed,

Claudio, Chile
Apoyo la causa no la destruccion...

carolina sotomayor morerira, concepcion chile
no podemos permitir que el unico lugar sagrado que nos va quedando sea aplastado por el capitalismo y matrerialismo de las peronas que viven sumerginas en maya ...
no a la construccion del puente en vrindavan!!!!!!!!

xxxxxxxx, Bobenheim
PLease WAKE UP to a higher reality!

milivoj popovic, split
please save Vrindavan and Yamuna

xxxxxxxx, la serena

xxxxxxxx, Burnaby
Please protect Yamuna and Vrndavana

Pragnesh Surti, New York
Braja is our history. please dont ruin it.

sachin kotak, London, UK

Kunjabihari Adhikari, Vrindavan
bhaviya kariya kaj, kariya bhaviya na

ernesto baca, buenos aires
please, many people needs these sacred places as it is.

Pierre Baum, Hamburg ,Germany
I never been in Vrndavan physicly ,but in my heart and soul it is my birthhome ,eternely . It is so important and i understand ,that me must share this holy place for us and the next generations . Share the foodsteps Of Srimati Radharani and Sri Krsna in the forest of vrndavana . May everyone s heart crying for such offenses to the Lotusfeed of the Lord . This is the place where we can go home and remember who we are . Very fallen conditioned soul . Please wake up Jiva jago jiva jago ,dear eternal souls and servents of the lord .

All glories to Sri Sri Radha Madana Mohan ,all glories to Sri Sri Guru and Gauranga ,all glories To Srila Prabhupada

Nadin Stanislawiak, Berlin

Alfonso Gómez Toledo, Buaramanga
Por la misericordia de Krishna así sea.

manuel ortega, méxico
señor si usted quisiera...

Jóse, Bogotá Col
Vrindavan is a wonderful place in the world! thinking for the future generations

Mukesh, Noida

mauricio redondo, bogota

kotte, Santiago, Chile
respeto a los lugares sagrados!

jivana devi dasi, Buenos Aires
please, stop now!

shyamanandini, medellin
Hare krishna...
pidamos por vrindavan tierra sagrada la cual es nuestra unica esperanza por cultura y espiritualidad.

angelica, bogota

Lucy, Artigas-Uruguay
No se ingles, espero estar haciendo esto bien, que Dios me ayude, felicidad a todos...

Ronald Jermakian, Seoul
Even in Korea there are devotees of Krishna who respect the sanctity of Vrindavana and who strongly desire that it be protected, preserved, and developed in a way that's harmonious with spiritual as well as material progress - for the benefit of all.

Maha-Bhadra Das, Victoria B C Canada
This area of Vrindavana has such ancient history connected to it I believe that this would be ideal for this to become a Heritage Site,as there is so much heritage to this land here,for many there whole lives depend on having access to this Holy Dhama in the original form,history needs to always be protected,as we must pass this knowledge to all interested generations in the future.A world with no Heritage,or history would be a very sad reality,I hope you can consider this,and I pray you will come to understand why many depend on having access to this part of Vrindavana.

Mr.Jahnava Moore, Victoria Canada
I would like you to please consider keeping this ancient and special part of Vrindavana as a Heritage Site for all generations in the future to have safe,natural,original access to,as some places on the Earth need to be kept for there historical and spirtual signifance.PLEASE consider this wisely as there is so much to lose if this is destroyed it is non replaceable,Vrindavana is the life and soul of many pilgrims from around the world,we need to have places like this accessable with minimal disturbance.I thank you for your time and consideration.

maren liese, berlin

Remy Alexander Galán Navarro, Bogotá

Yamile Ossa Saldarriaga, Neiva (colombia)

Luisa Cárdenas, Bogota

xxxxxxxx, Bogota, Colombia

CAROLINA, colombia
Reciban mis mas humildes y sinceros deseos;No a la contruccion, por que no dirigen sus dineros a otras ciudades donde realmente los necesitan por que dañar el ambiente de VRINDAVAN, tengan encuenta que es uno de los lugares mas sagrados e importantes del mundo para peregrinacion, y alli no los necesitan y menos con proyectos que ataquen al medio ambiente, en mi humilde y amorosa peticion mi anhelo es Vrindavan Dhama de inmediato debe ser declarada Patrimonio de la Humanidad, es un anhelo de un habitante mas de esta hermosa y apreciada tierra, gracias por su atencion.


juan camilo, bogota

markandeya das, Paihuano, Valle de Elqui
Vrindavan dham es una ciudad sagrada de India, quizas una de las mas antiguas del mundo, llamada la ciudad de los 5 mil templos. es portadora de una tradicion y herencia espiritual sin igual en la tierra. ya sea por razones arquitectonicas, historicas, filosoficas, espirituales y multiculturales en general, etc, etc. esta ciudad debe ser considerada e incluida como Patrimonio de la Humanidad lo antes posible, pues esta siendo amenazada por la modernidad que poco y nada le importa este ejemplo de herencias invaluables. Saludos

César Aravena Neira,

laura huezca, Mexico d.f.

nrisimhapaliddmex@hotmail.com, Mexico d.f.

xxxxxxxx, Peru

Vasudeva das, Gothenburg
Kepp the sancitity of the worlds most holy place. Noisy cars are already too much. No more....

Julio Cesar, buenos aires
Jay Sri Vrindavan Dham !!!

Juan Miguel Zamora Cabrera, San Cristóbal de La Lagua (Tenerife, Canary Islands)
Juan Miguel Zamora Cabrera (Krishna Prema das).
Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain.

Congratulations. I´m sure God thanks, it will be a very succesfull enterprise. All my support. Best all my best wishes.
God bless you.
All the glories to the Lord and the Queen of all universes.
Hari Om.
Shanti, Shanti, Shantih.
Always remembering my beloved spiritual Grandfather, Jagat Guru, HH Sri Swami Hari Harji Maharaj, founder of Inernational Gita Ashram, and my spiritual Father, Sri Swami Tilakji Maharaj, disciple of Sri Bajaranga das Maharaj, from Narmada River, Andhra Pradesh.

Padmapani das, Victoria, B.C., Canada
My humble request is that Vrindavan Dhama should immediately be declared a World Heritage Site. All unnececcesary "modern" construction should stop and Vrindavan's ancient spiritual charm should be preserved for all future generations. In fact, Vrindavan should immediately be declared a "car-free" zone to protect its sanctity and reverse pollution. Krishna Himself is a village boy and so His abode should be preserved accordingly. This is the sacred duty of all government officials and kings -- past, present and future. Kindly preserve Krishna's holy land. Thank you very much from Krishna-bhaktas all over the world. May Lord Sri Krishna please bless your sincere efforts to implement these simple and sublime suggestions.

The Prabhupada Connection Website, Victoria, Canada
Our worldwide readership fully supports Vrindavan as a World Heritage Site. Please make this dream a reality for the future of India and for all mankind ASAP. You will not be disappointed; rather, you will be rewarded beyond your imagination. Bhagvan Sri Krishna ki jaya! Vrindavan Dhama ki jaya!

maha hari das, mexico

Juan Guillermo, Medellin


Karuna, Athens
Please dont do it

natalia placencia, santiago-chile
ese lugar sagrado merece ser reconocido!

don't distroy that sacred place

xxxxxxxx, rijeka

Richard Bock, Middletown

ana moreno, bogota-colombia

cesar cisternas, santiago, chile

xxxxxxxx, Kanata
Being a rich heritage of Sri Dwapar Yuga a symbol of love,friendship and truth it eminently deserves to be included in the list .

olga neagu, Roccagorga(LT)Italy
please don't touch the land of Krishna!

Ferdo Fulgosi, Rijeka, Croatia

GhOsT, Eger
Hare Krishna!!! :)

xxxxxxxx, calgary canada
Please do not destroy sacred sites respect

Daniel Barrios, Valparaíso
Que el dinero no maneje la mente de los hombres y de las mujeres del mundo. No a la destrucción de Vrindavan. Me uno a la oración. Hare Krsna.

aditi, mexico

xxxxxxxx, leon guanajuato

Susana Duraes Viegas, argentina
Because it is important to preserve and protectet sacreds place, because people need to beleive that good things can still in world, we need that all brothers and sisters arround the world work together to save importat places,because Krsna lived there and now leave in our hearts, and i am only start to meet him....so, please...make all you could to include or turn vrindavan into a heritage site.... gracias, thank you, chant hare krsna and be happy!!!(traduction: porque es importante preservar y proteger lugares sagrados, porque la gente necesita creer que casas buenas pueden quedar en el mundo, nosotros necesitamos que todos los hermanos y hermanas alrededor del mundo trabajen juntos para salvar lugares importantes, porque krsna vivio ahi y ahora vive en nuestro corazon., y yo recien empiezo a conocerlo.... entonces por favor...hagan todo lo posiblepara incluir o tornar a vrindavan en un lugar de patrimonio, de herencia..... canten a Krsna, y sean felices)

krsna karuna dassa, bogota-colombia
hare krsna

gustavo lencina, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Salvemos el proyecto Tierra

Mansarovar Das, mexico
vrindavan tieraaa sagrada

Miguel Angel López Guzmán, México D.F.
A las autiridades correspondientes,se les hace una invitación para que respeten los Santos Lugares de peregrinación en India en Vrindavan y de todo el mundo ,nos hace falta mucha espiritualidad a la humanidad en donde los intereses de dinero y mala política se quieren apropiar del planeta, dejen que la voluntad de los pueblos brille y así encontraremos esa paz que anhelamos todos

Carlos Javier D\'Angelo, Capital Federal
Es hora que dejemos las cosas como estan y estuvieron durante miles de años, en vez de gastar plata en tonteras, den de comer y rescaten los lugares historicos y sagrados!!!!

Govinda Das, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Por favor respeten "LO MAS" respetable!!!

Krishna Bhava Das, Bs.As.Argentina
Un extracto de la canción que compuse llamada
'Tu Puente Va A Matarte'
(...) Aquí Estamos orando por que el castigo sea minúsculo / Aquí estamos cantando para salvarlos de un error mayúsculo / De que te sirve tu construcción si va a llevarte a la destrucción?

Miguel Stornelli, Coro, Venezuela

Kata Kovacs, Szeged - Hungary
please, dont destroy

Radhika Prasadam dd, Bogotá Colombia

Nandana Acharya Das, Pereira, Colombia
Por Vrindavan, su conservacion, su espacio en la historia del mundo civilizado, y ser el corazon espiritual ....y mucho mas ...apyemos esta noble causa.

Ilona Magyar, BUDAPEST
mulual understanding

xxxxxxxx, Bogotá

Carolina Mateus, Bogota-Colombia
please save the most spiritual and antique place on earth

Anastasia Hernández Lillo, Iquique - Chile
Felicitaciones por la iniciativa, lo que ocurre a la Madre Tierra nos afecta a todos.

ange illanes, santiago Chile
Cada vez que se de un lugar que es amenazado, o destruido recuerdo lo que dijo hace cientos de años el Jefe Siux de Sheatle:
La tierra no pertenece al hombre, el hombre pertenece la tierra. Todas las cosas estan conectadas, como la sangre que une a una familia.
Lo que ocurre a la tierra le ocurre a los hijos de la tierra. El hombre no tejió la telaraña de la vida, él es solo un hilo.
Cualquier cosa que haga a la telaraña se la hace a sí mismo. (Jefe Sioux de Saeattle)
Imaginare este lugar en mis meditaciones y enviare amor y proteción.
Se que otro mundo es posible
un abrazo ange

xxxxxxxx, Berlin

Svetadvip dd., Trujillo-Peru
Todos los devotos estan orando por Sri Vrindavan dham y preservar el santo lugar como patrimonio a la humanidad.Todo el mundo debe enterarse lo que sucede en vrindavan porque Vrindavan es el hogar de todos :)

Yanko Diaz Gaviola, Arequipa - Peru
Tomen conciencia que Vrindavan es un lugar sagrado, que tiene mucho que brindar a la sociedad, por lo que representa y su sabiduria milenaria

gouranga candra das, chile

japananda das, arequipa-peru

gargamuni das, leon, mexico
this is the sacrest place in the world, let´s do it!!!
este es el lugar mas sagrado de este mundo, registremonos para protegerlo!!!

claudia costa, Buenos Aires
Protegiendo los lugares sagrados, de alguna manera protegemos tambien , lo sagrado de uno mismo. OM SHANTI.

phalguna, Seva- Bogota
No podemos permitir que se vayan tan rapido los lugares sagrados, mucho menos de Vindavan

gangamatagdd, Arequipa

xxxxxxxx, Quintana Roo

jayananda das, Ste-Adele

xxxxxxxx, la plata

Priyanath das, Cusco, Perú
Vrndhavan dhama place of pure love and sadhus...please dont destroy...hare krsna...

Johanna, quito
Que Krishna bendiga y proteja a Vrindavan y a todo nuestro planeta.

Benzennou Bouchra, Morocco


Sandro Gretler, zurich switzerland

Fabio Torres, Bogotá, Colombia
Cierto, toda el agua del mundo es sagrada, si se trabaja por su cuidado, se cuida toda la naturaleza y el bienestar de todos los seres del planeta.

Catalina Sánchez, Quito

Premanandini, Medellin
Por el bien en el mundo entero y por los líderes como Guru Maharaj. Reverencias a él y a todos los que lideran en pro del bien Universal.

lalita Madhava, Bogota

Yuga Avatara, Bogota

julio cesar marin mazo, bogota, colombia

Hunyadi Mária, Budapest
"Do not try to change the world.
You will fail.
Try to love the world.
Lo, the world is changed,
Changed forever. " ( Sri Chinmoy )

Shyamananda das, Gothenburg
I lost my heart in Vrindavan.

zsofia szabo, sopron

Betina Sansoni, La Plata
Es muy importante proteger los lugares sagrados. No debe permitirse que sean estropeados por el turismo ,el comercio y el ansía de hacer negocios.

Hunyadi Béla, Vác

BA Janardana, Nandafalva

ramsss.com, Hong Kong

xxxxxxxx, Szeged
Vrindavan is a spiritual heritage for the western people too!

soledad almendra, santiago, chile
very good Iam very happy

Juan Camilo Tovar Castro, Barranquilla, Colombia

Camilo Reyes, Bogota , Colombia
please save the most antique place on earth, for me is the living wonder on earth, because there are incredible places on earth but now they are only ruines, but vrindavan, ganges and yamuna and all the other places are wonders that still lives, also remember that ganges in the most antique river on earth, and all the knowledge of ther world comes from India, those places show the beggining of the human race and the eternall relation with God.

Rama Raj Das, Bogota , Colombia
please save the most antique place on earth

carolina peñuela, colombia
Vrindavan sea Patrimonio de la Humanidad

Lalita Govinda DD, Bogota

Ramses Dupeyrat Rendón, Arequipa

María Aspilcueta, Arequipa

daniel rodriguez, Bogotá D.C.

Tamás Portik, Sarkad (Hungary)
Please, let the River Yamuna and Vrindavan in peace and do not pull down the God's shrine!!! Thank you very much.

patricia gonzález, León México

Giovanny Araque, Bogotá
vindava tierra del amor

Hari Lila d.d., Buenos Aires Argentina
Vrindavan la tierra del amor divino, lugar sagrado de purificacion para la humanidad, Radhe Radhe !

Luis Colina, Mexico
Love, Peace and Light to All !

Sebastian Meier, Munich
The holy places all over the world have to be protected. They are heritage of mankind. Vrindavana is one of them. For millions of Vaishnavas Vrindavan-Dham is the most holiest place. Its very important that Vrindavan enters into the list of the World Heritage Sites!

Maria Susana Islas del Villar, Mexico (puebla)

juan galán, Málaga.España

Luis Guillermo Bustamante, Cali, Colombia

Yasmin Rebolledo, Las Condes, Chile
Apoyemos todos juntos para que Vrindavan se vuelva un Patrimonio de la Humanidad.

Shrivatsa Goswami, Vrindavan
this road on the name of parikrama is a dham-seva aparadh

Kata Páli, Szeged, Hungary
i hope:)

Vaikuntha das, Bogotá
Colombia se une a la oración mundial por la preservación del patrimonio sagrado de la humanidad, Vrindavan

juan pablo opazo martinez, santiago (chile)
we need the sacred places for our own benefice, and for others...

Juan D. Rendon, Manizalez, Colombia

Ulrike Arndt, 21354 Bleckede (Germany)
We hope, that vrindavan can be allways saved.

Amrita Mody, Silver Spring, Maryland, USA

xxxxxxxx, Leticia, Colombia
Por la libertad de todas las aguas del planeta para que no sean ni domesticadas, ni contaminadas. Para que sean honrradas por todos los seres del planeta.

Sergio Mendoza, Chile-Constitución
I Agree We are Saved Holy places

caitanya vijay das, Sao paulo Brasil
Please do not destroy the house of Krishna!!!!!!!!!!

Isabel Cristina Angel Esquivel, Santiago

drawpadi maldonado, maldonado
it will be important to the world realizing that God's love lives there to the whole universe


Maritza Lara, Riobamba Ecuador

Jenny Marcela Torres, Colombia

Simon Bruna, Santiago de Chile

Jonathan, Santiago
La cultura del mundo debe ser preservada

Miguel Angel Samame Menendez, Lima Peru


xxxxxxxx, H 6781 Domaszek
Dont destroy Vrindaban please!

Mekhala Natavar, Princeton

P. Rasa Bihari D., Quito- Ecuador
Acción mundial para salvar Vrindavan, por la tierra, por el agua, por lavida. Viva Vrindavan!!

Fernando Eguiluz, winnipeg

Vanessa Chavez V., Arequipa

Vinoda manjari Devi D., Bogota.
Protejamos uno de los lugares mas sagrados y hermosos de la tierra...
Todos unidos para preservar este invaluable patrimonio de la humanidad!!!!!

Thakurani Devi Dasi, Bogotá, Colombia

hans, valparaiso
a defender los lugares sagrados! que poderosas fuerzas vendran en nuestra ayuda! http://arcoarcaico.blogspot.com

Lalita Dasi, Arequipa, Perú

Mohs de Rapper, Amsterdam
Dont destroy for material gain.

xxxxxxxx, Medellin, Colombia

Rodrigo Muñoz, Santiago

Maria-Christin Stutzke-Schiffer, Jena
Please protect Vrindavan and enter it into the list of the World Heritage Sites.
Thank you

krisnamuraridas, pereira
deseo apoyar esta campañapara que vrindavan sea patrimoniomundial es mucha labendicionpara todoelqueloapoye.

teodora bletz, heppenheim

Marco Novoa, Antofagasta
Virndaban is a natural sacred temple

vaishnavi orie, durbuy

Shyamli, durbuy

Princess Jimenez, Santo domingo, Republica dominicana

Visakha Claudia Blumenthal, Durbuy, Belgium
please save this very sacred place from destruction. thank you very much for your consideration!

atreya, concepcion - chile

Namaste a todos.
me uno a la campaña de nombrar a Vrindavan como PATRIMONIO DE LA HUMANIDAD. hari BOL.


Yashoda Shakti, Berlin
Dandavat pranams for Guru Dev and all devoties

Diana Guerrero, Bogota

Jaydis Borja, Barranquilla
This place is very important to the hare krhrina´s people,please protect it

Karuna Mohan Armin Untersteiner, Brunico, Italy

Karunamayi Katya Waldboth, Brunico

Alain Palacios Quezada, Santiago - Chile
Vrindavan is a special city, with more than 5000 temples. It is a very important place of pilgrimage, for this reason we must protect it and maintain its architectural heritage. The construction of a bridge breaks the city's natural environment and threatens the river Yamuna. Therefore we ask the authorities to please protect their heritage and a modern Vrindavan save unnecessary.

Gubser Aiko Shyamali, Zürich

Vrindavan patrimonio de la humanidad

Yvonne Sigrist, Luzern
Vrindavan Dham ki Jay

Nanda Kishor, Stockach, Germany

Maria, palma de mallorca
Show some reason.


joaquin jorge castillo palacios, puebla
hit harivash ,vrindavan el hogar de sri radhakrishna

Kishori dasi, Perú

Macarena, Arica

xxxxxxxx, Hyderabad

xxxxxxxx, Philadelphia
I think is a nice place.

Yadira Andrea Muñoz Acevedo, Barranquilla

Ricardo Gorgoschidse, Palomar
Please STOP !!!!!!!!

xxxxxxxx, Bogotà
Vrindavan sacred site! world heritage

anna, temuco

vyasadeva nrisinha, guatemala
hare krishna deberia cantar todo el mundo para acabar con esta ignorancia en la q estamos sumergidos

xxxxxxxx, lima-peru
save the sacred sites please!!!!!

Eileen Lynch, Pleasanton

Jorge Barrionuevo, Copiapó

Rafael Salinas, Santiago, Chile

Prabhupada krpa das, Kapfenberg

Francisca Violeta, Melipilla, Chile
Said no to the destruction of life!!

Bhima, Antioquia

Melissa Norman, Kilauea
Please preserve brindivan as a world heritage site

Balarani, Medellin

Osi Asfgard, Colombia

Alalanatha, Medellin

Juanito Alimaña, Medellin

Waldo Rojas Vera, Santiago de Chile
Hay que luchar pasificamente encontra de los demonios que ozan tocar terrenos sagrados . . . HARE KRISHNA HARE KRISHNA KRISHNA KRIHSNA HARE HARE HARE RAMA HARE RAMA RAMA RAMA HARE HARE...

Jai Uttal, San Anselmo
Radhe Shyam!

Diego Salazar Camus, Rancagua, Chile

Gita Gendloff, Encinitas

Mira Goetsch, San Francisco, Ca
It is of great importance to the world that such an important and rare place be protected from disappearing. We will all lose something irretrievable.

Priya Nuga d.d., Bogotá, Colombia.
Si volvieramos los ojos a la esencia, al origen de la creación no dudarías en conservar los lugares Sagrados.

maria fernanda Posso, cali

xxxxxxxx, colombia

Mitravinda Estada Bedoya, Medellin-Colombia

Yan Eperon, Linden (Switzerland)
Thank you.

kaneya das, vicuña

xxxxxxxx, Pereira
A brigado

xxxxxxxx, Rome, Italy

prema mandal das, Berlin
Please, don't hesitate, do what your heart is telling to YOU! Don't let you pushed by interests, do what Mother Bhumi want to do! Save Vrindavan!

Sarah Kern / aka Govinda Lila devi dasi, Berlin

Prajakta SM, Mumbai

Stephanie Chang, Saratoga

Eve Bohnett, Santa Cruz
Please add Vrindavan, India to the list of World Heritage sites. Millions of people are practicing this path of bhakti yoga and this is a major site of pilgrimage because Lord Krishna has his pastimes there.

John Fajardo, Bogotá Colombia
Save the planet...

padma manjari devi dasi, Bogota, Colombia
Yamuna river and Vrindavan are Heritage of humanity

Nidia Avila, Bogota, Colombia
Vrindavan world's heritage

xxxxxxxx, Bogota
Please !

yamil, guayaquil

Enrico Ullmann,Berlin,Germany, Berlin

DEVAKI PRIYADD, bogota-colombia
vrindavan tierra del amor, donde esta mi corazon y mi señor sri krishna el ultimo tesoro sonbre este planeta , hari bolo , hay que protejer vrindavan

radhanath das, Arequipa - Peru

Yana Papazova, Berlin
Yamuna Devi ki jay

isavasyadas, quito ecuador
agradesco a Gurudeva paramadvaiti swami mahraja por darnos la oportunidad de participar de la grasia de conservar la pureza del sagrado rio Yamuna .

mauricio garcia, cundinamarca

antaryami, medellin

xxxxxxxx, Berlin
Für mich ist Vrindavan das, was für die Christen Jerusalem, für die Moslems Mekka ist. Ein Heiliger Ort an dem wir Gott ganz nah sein können und wo wir einen kleinen EIndruck bekommen können was es heißt sein Leben Gott zu widmen.

Simone Wyss, Zurich, Switzerland

madhumaty, Colombia

Radha kunda dd, lima - Perú

premalatika dd., quito.ecuador
Please, save Vrindavan, This sacred place is a hope for the humanity, a place of true refuge for our soul. please help us to save Vrindavan.

Wolfgang Schwarting, Vechta


Michel Gfeller, Bern

Ganga Sagar Das, Bogotá

Francis Kaderli, Thun
Vrindavan is beside of Navadvip the most important holy location for Millions of Vaishnavas. It needs the support of all cultured and well-educated people of India and the whole World.

Timothy Campling, Berlin
Vrindavan is the most sacred place for Millions of people on this earth and it needs protection

Jayanthi Thaler, Potsdam

Michael Kraft, Potsdam

xxxxxxxx, España
Cuidar los lugares sagrados es la mejor herencia para el sustento de la humanidad...Por favor participen todos en este hermoso proyecto de amor... goura haribol

Vidyapati das, Melbourne, Australia
This is India's greatest asset. Please preserve and develop it to what it really deserves.

xxxxxxxx, Bogotá

Marcela Cruz, Bogotá

Sad Bhuja, Bogotá

Prabhupada Dasi, Bogotá

Margarita Cruz, Bogotá

Rames Henao, Quito
Creo que todos los lugares que se consideren sagrados en el Mundo deben ser respetados y considerados patrimonios de la humanidad... El Sagrado lugar de Vrindavan ha sido considerado Sagrado desde tiempos inmemoriables. Millones de personas a través de la hirtoria lo han considerado así; y creo que eso es algo que se debe tener en cuenta para cualquier planificación que con respecto a Vrindavan se tenga por parte del gobierno.

carlos arreola, mexico
OM HHare Hari Om no cortemos las venas espirituales del planeta Benditos sean todos.

Gopinath seva d.d, Santa Fe

Varotti Tiziana, Italy Rimini
Vrindavan is the heart of the world.. pure love comes from this special place.. you can see that when you meet his citizens and knew the history. We need to save his original landscape already polluted but equally beautiful

Mary Foye, Brunswick, ME USA

Jorge Soto, Bogotá
Oh, please, Vrindavan is the land of the love, it's necessary to protect her, now. Vrindavan is the real spiritual refuge for the humanity

bhagavati dd, Mexico
Sacred places have to be protected,if we dont protect what nature offers us,what is the most sacred to us what will we have for the future? only death and silence.
We have to be conscious we are part of nature too, we have to care for the world, we have to fight to mantain life ,,nature and sacred places are our life.
The world must be award of what is being done to our waters,our rivers, this is our heritage for the generations to come.The world is of everybody not just for one goverment, we have the right to give an opinion. Vrindavan and sacred rivers have to protected.

xxxxxxxx, Bogota
Stop !

syama rupa das, trinidad andtobago

xxxxxxxx, Ibagué
Es urgente que en este mundo material reine el amor para que se despierte una consciencia espiritual. La arrogancia no puede seguir reinando.

John Alexander Valderrama Marin, Medellín
Vrindavan, Holy place, has to be in the list

Marco Zaldumbide Vallejo, Quito
por favor apoyen esta campaña, para tener la esperanza de conocer este lugar sagrado, donde podemos recordar más intensamente lo divino.

Ligia Cadena Ruiz, Bogota Colombia
Jay Srila Harijan Swami, Jay Srila Paramadwaiti Swami!!

Mojana Vamsibihari Vasquez Cadena, Bogota Colombia
I'm agree with the preservation of Vrindabana, our beatiful Heritage, the place where Radha Krsna play all the time.

xxxxxxxx, montpellier
very sad with the bad news about the bridge

Alanath Das, Medellin, Colombia

Cesar David Martínez Rodríguez, Bogotá
Please enter Sri Vrindavan, the sacred place where Lord Sri Krishna was born into the list of the World Heritage Sites.

Antar Prayan, Milano

xxxxxxxx, Medellin
We pray to the Supreme Lord Sri Krishna which is inside each heart do that is needed to preserve this Holy land of Vrindavan as Holy Sri Radha Krishna s land. Or maybe we pray to Lord Sri Hanuman go and destroy the bridge. Nobody can see him. Or maybe we pray to Mahamaya and tell her please do some illution to them.
Someone could kindly go to Gopesvara Mahadev temple and please Lord Shiva and ask Him they don't build the bridge?
Jay Sri Radhe Syam!

carlos arturo granada peña, Mexico D.F
Every place in the world that is a benefit for so many people in different aspects, economic, spiritual, cultural, historical, ecological (as an example for the rest of the followers in the vedic tradition) has to be protected for the same goverment of every country. The Indian goverment has to be proud to have the chance to protect this jewel of the Indian culture.

Gayatri Seva D D - Alejandra Martínez - Bogotá, Bogotá - Colombia

Wendy Guitton, Lima
I lost my hard in vrindavan!

Vishvakarma Das, Medellin

SATYANARAYANA DAS, montevideo, Uruguay

Bhakti Vijnana das, Neiva

Acharya, Cúcuta
Vrindavan patrimonio de la Humanidad

manosarovar@hotmail.com, sincelejo, sucre, colombia
Vrindavana is the holly site for everyone. Our minds and souls are there,

radha govinda patiño, cali - colombia

siddha Bakul dd, Medellin

Dhruva Anusmriti d.d., Bogotá

xxxxxxxx, Neiva


sadhananda das, bogotá d.c.

PranaBallabha Das, Bogota, Colombia
Vrindavan is the place where some of the amorous pastimes of Lord Krishna, who rent the land, care of its people and living things to be a shepherd of cows. These pastimes teach us how we should behave with us, regardless of color, race, social stratum or national origin, we are all brothers, our souls are connected to each other, we are not independent in this world. Thus, Lord Krishna shows us the real deal hobbies that we have as brothers and how to find our way to God. Lord Krishna allow humanity to Vrindavan recognized as world heritage. Support us in this cause.

premalatika dd., quito.ecuador

Krsna Samhita DD, Lima-Peru

xxxxxxxx, lima, peru

Brahma samhita Devi Dasi, Bogota

Krishna Kripa Das, Armenia-Colombia
Hare Krishna, obeisances to all vaisnavas. I join to this campaign with a lot fo entusiasm.
Your servent
Krishna Kripa Das.

Fundacion Casa de la Sabiduria, Bogotá
debemos salvar nuestro mas valioso patrimonio de la humanidadde corazon todo se puede debemos parar y hacer todo lo mejor posible siempre en cada decision de vida donde todos participamos al vivir en ella.

Laura Torres, Bogota, Colmbia

Sankarsana Das, Antofagasta - Chile

Hemalata Thakurani dd, Medellín

Ana Maria Toro Osorio, Manizales Colombia

Bhakti Anuga Devi Dasi, Bogota Colombia

Giovana Santillán, Santiago de Chile

Shyam Scheuch, London

amalia neves mengoni, sao paulo

Pedro Pablo Tattay, Bogotá

Kirtan Manjusa, Bogotá

Gail Hayes (aka Satya devi dasi), Princeton, New Jersey, USA
Please help to preserve this sacred area for generations to come.

Adriana Peña, Bogotá

Ganesha, Bogota
Vrindavan the land of Lord´s Hari pastimes most be preserved..

Gourkeshava das, Berlin

dasavatara das, Santa Fe, Argentina
These places are holy because Krishna walked on these sands. Even Vrindavan's dust is sacred because it is the earth from beneath Krishna's feet. So, it is absolutely essential to preserve, protect and develop the holy places of Vrindavan and Braj Mandal. We will be immensely grateful if India authorities support this effort of promoting these holy places as candidates for the international status of world heritage.

Yasoda-dulal das, Jersey City, NJ, USA

Irina Kashchenko, New York City

xxxxxxxx, New York City
Please keep this holy land sacred for all generations to come.

Radha Fitch, New York, NY
Vrindavan is the most sacred place in the universe to me. I want to do anything and everything possible to preserve its simple village life, historic temples and monuments, and restore it's ecological environment.

I spend thousands of dollars every year to come there, and will continue to do so for the rest of my life.

Please protect this sacred place and take a stand to preserve the heart of India's spiritual heritage.

candra mukhi, NYC
Vrindavan is that place where we can remember God more than the rest of the world and dream to see Him , He seems to be there elsewhere and nowhere and so we could miss Him and look after Him , Vrindavana is our

Syama das, Hilo

Gandharvika dd, Vrindavan

xxxxxxxx, CC, California

Stephanie Winn, Santa Cruz

Fatima Alvarez, Santa Cruz

Anders Haag, Stockholm

Hare Krsna Das, petaluma ca usa
stop and revers the building project. it not needed and its an eye sore

Purnima Sims, Florida, USA

xxxxxxxx, New Delhi

xxxxxxxx, Vrndavan, Mathura
Jaya Sri Krishna. I have lived in Vrndavan for 10 years. I came here because I heard of its glories from the great Maha Bhagavat Pure devotees such as Srila AC Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada, who have preached worldwide about Krishna's pastimes in Vrndavan. I stay here only to serve Krishna (God), to do bhajan (worship) in a very quiet way. Actually although I have complete faith that each grain of sand in the transcendental land of Vrndavan is Cintamani, a wish fulfilling gemstone, still it is a huge inconvenience for visitors to visit. The external Vrndavan is painfully desecrated. You will hear that from everyone.
The real Vrndavan remains hidden, only accessible by a pure heart in deep internal meditation.
I know thousands of people who visit here every year, many saving all their money for the whole year to fly here and be with the pure devotees for the holy month of Kartik pilgrimage.
Most of those visitors get very dangerous diseases due to unhygienic conditions. Yet they return every year and suffer.
Why would anyone do this if it were not the most spiritually significant place on earth for them?
My own health is very very compromised.
That is just a drop of reasons why Vrndavan should be world heritage. It should be. No doubt in our minds!! Please help us! Thank you

Veronica Carmona, Italy
Please Stop!!!

dhrti briks, three rivers

miriam yee, exeter
this holy and historic place must be preserved for all in the present and for many generations in the future

Katie Jo Walter, Vrindavan
development plans for Braj need to be both well considered and transparent with adequate local input. World Heritage Status will help to bring this about and protect Braj from senseless development,preserving the natural, cultural and built heritage here for future generations.

Jason Van Doren, Oregon Ohio United State of America

Kaitlin McComb, Novato, California
This is our Bhakti heritage for millions around the world!

xxxxxxxx, antofagasta

Sati dd, Antofagasta
It is very important that the world know what Vrindavan really is. The magnifiency of its places. Vrindavan is Krsna's land, and the world needs to know more about Vrindavan, because it is an inspiration of salvation and spiritual development.

Nirguna, Vrindavan.Mathua

jared, Leura

Zvonimir Tosic, Melbourne, Australia
Vrindavan well deserves this recognition and hopefully it will achieve it. But first of all, that vision must be inside of all who care, and then it will become visible reality.

Swami B.A. Paramadvaiti, Vrindavan U.P.
yes the status of world heritage will enhance the understanding about the importance of Vrindavan and the Braj Mandal>
in addition like all rivers the Yamuna provides lifesupport to millions and has to be protected for everyones interest.
The sacret Dham is a place of example for the rest of the world. Eco standarts in Vrindavan what was once declared ECO CITY by the Pollution control board would do a great service to humanity.